ovulation question...

i am on cycle day 16- no idea how long my cycles are supposed to be cause my first one when i came off the pill was 90 days- this is my second cycle.
I have been monitoring CM and on days 12,13, and 14 i had "watery" CM and today and yest (days 15 and 16) ive had egg white CM.
I peed on an OPK yest and today at around 10am both days and both days were negative- could it be that i missed my ov or that it hasnt happended yet?? oh and ive been charting my BBT and my temp hasnt risen yet! oh my god i sound obsessed dont i!! hehe! :roll:

just wondering if the symptoms i am getting sound about right? am i supposed to have EWCM before i ov'd?



  • Can't help with the BBT, but EWCM is indication you are going to ov. BD, BD, BD! xx
  • Hello! If I were you I would be having sex every 2 days or so at the moment, EWCM is a sign of ovulation. If your cycles are irregular since stopping the pill you may be ovulating irregularly which makes it difficult. I've got PCOS and my cycles varied from 32 - 49 days making it impossible to predict ovulation but we were lucky and I'm now 8 weeks pregnant! Good luck and have fun trying! X x
  • ok so ive had a few more days of EWCM and today and yest was more "wet" than EW (sorry tmi!!)
    i took ovulation tests today yest and day before all negative and my temp still hasnt risen!!? whats going on?! if i had ov'd before i started using the stick surly my temp would have risen by now?
    if im about to ov then why does my CM seem to be drying up?!! :\?
  • I would just bd anyway just incase! Hi summer, i finally replied to your email! lol. xx
  • I did it at about 10am the first 2 days and then today and yest about 11:30am?
    do you think i should be doing it later?
  • ooh interesting i didnt know that- i knew u couldnt use your first wee of the morn but didnt know it took four hours to show up- i pee alot (every 1-2 hours hehe!!) so maybe if i wait now until about 5 and try again??

    thanks for ur help!! its driving me nuts- we are ttc in 2 weeks (after next AF) and i want to make sure i know when to BD and if i am actually ov! x
  • When are you taking your temp? I did it for 2 months and it said to do it at the same time every morning, before you move around too much. I gave up with it becasue i was setting my alarm for 6am on weekends!!!

    Do you check your cervix position? this might help detect ov as well!

  • i take my temp every morn (between 5am and 6am) before i get up- on weekends i either miss it out or still take it if its only an hour later.
    Last cycle i started charting my BBT half way thru my cycle and my temp did rise for around 14 days before i got my AF but as i wasnt peeing on the ov sticks so i didnt know if i did or not??!
  • summer - what bbt do you use and was it expensive? Quite like the idea that it beeps and holds the last temperature reading.
  • oh my god im so dim!!! ok i will have to try and hold it in then and see how it goes thanks so much! im going to boots today to get some more- what ones do you use summer? i have just ordered some cheapys from access doagnostics but previusly have been using the boots own ones (5 for ??15- PRICEY!)

    i use the therm that beeps from acess diagnostics too! OH gets really annoyed with the beeping hehe! oh well will be worth it in the end!
  • oh ok il look at those! il let u know how i get on in the next few days!

    thanks! and good luck too! x
  • ok shall do! fingers crossed!
    ah thank you i dont have MSN but may take u up on the offer of email soon! you seem to know what u are talking about! x
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