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Hi all, could anyone tell me how sensitive boots hpt's are? I took one on tuesday, tested a bit early, and got bfn. I came off the pill last month, and should be due af on Saturday if (fingers crossed) my cycles are back to normal. I af hasn't showed by sunday do you think it would be worth testing again?? Or would that be a waste of a pg test, as I tested and got bfn on Tuesday?? Thanks xx


  • Hi MFS image

    I have read that they are not very sensitive-50 miu. But I don't know if that is the new version or the old one. Boots used to do a HPT that was a cross if positive but now they do this one that's just a normal two line variety. Which one have you done hun? I am clued up on boots HPT's because we have a tiny boots right by us and all they stock are their own brand and clear blue and I have been in there just a few times recently imageops:

    How are you anyway hun? So excited you are TTC now- fingers crossed for the weekend. We are starting TTC again asap after the early MC :cry: Can't wait to get started though. Here's to our sticky BFP's very soon.

  • Hi,

    I have just returned from the bathroom having POAS (Boots own brand) - BFP.
    I am only 10 DPO today

    Since 8am this morning ive had BFP on Asda, ebay cheapy and a FR.

    Everyone is different though and maybe the hormone level is not strong enough to show just yet. Try again in a couple of days.
    Good luck, keeping everything crossed for u.xxxx
  • Congratulations gemma!

    Hope its a super sticky bean, H&H 9 months!
  • Hi there, when I first came off the pill my first month was spot on but then the second month it took 42 before AF arrived. I would try and wait until AF is late and then test every few days just to check.

    Hope this helps.

    Congrats Gemma, thats fab

    V xxx
  • Hi,

    I came off pill in Jan and 89 days later am still waiting for AF (though I think this is the exception rather than the norm). I spent a fortune of pg tests thinking I must be. I would suggest testing in a week or so and then every 3 weeks or so until AF arrives (this is what I was advised by my Dr) though I know that's easier said than done.

    I hope you don't have such a long wait and that you get your BFP soon xx
  • Hi MFS,

    Welcome back hun, hope you get a speedy BFP, havent used Boots own much but I have heard they are meant to be quite sensitive. Try a FR or SD test they are super sensitive.

    Good luck xx
  • The boots test I used was the old style one, with a cross rather than the 2 lines. I think I will buy a first response tomorrow (when af should be due), and try and hold off until Monday if there is no sign of af.

    Nice to hear from you SD and CC. Hope you are both well. I don't think I am pg but I seem to be developing a POAS addiction image I have no symptoms of af showing, no pg symptoms, and no symptoms from coming off the pill. I feel fab, thought I would get withdrawal symptoms from coming off the pill at least!!!

    Congratulations Gemma118.The boots test I used was one I have had stashed for 6 months, didn't even know Boots had changed their pg tests!! I am cd27 today, was cd24 when I tested (bfn). I finished the pill 31 days ago so very premature in testing but can't help myself!!! Thanks for the advice xx
  • I only finished the pill 32 days ago. Hang in there. Its not over until AF rears her ugly head.
    I did a CBD this morning to (11DPO) & got Pregnant 1-2.
    I havnt really had any symptoms as such either.
    Will be keeping everything crossed you get a nice BPF very very soon.x
  • thanks Gemma118, I'm secretly hoping that because it was an old boots test, it wasn't very sensitive, but also preparing myself for a bfn. I'm heading to superdrug first thing tomorrow morning. Have you had any symptoms at all? x
  • Not really.
    I have had a few crampy pains over the last few days and (.)(.) have been a little tender on and off but thats it. Nothing that really screams pregnant.
    I had a dizzy spell about a week ago at work where i had to sit down which probably wasnt even related.
    Im very shocked to have a BFP already as this is my 1st month off the pill & really didnt expect it.
    It was a similar scenario when i had my DD. I had been on the pill for 12 yrs, came off and fell month 2 so not really sure why im that surprised!!

    So it proves you can come off the pill, have no symptoms as such as still be pregnant.
    Asda ones are quite sensitive.x
  • Hi MFS

    Since I last posted I decided to poas on a Boots cheapie they are just like SD tests but only with smaller windows and the line is meant to be purple anyway Ive had two very faint positives where I can defo see something but not had a confirmed line yet.

    Heres hoping we get our BFP's xx
  • fab news SD, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your BFP. I've decided to test tomorrow, I bought a CBD yesterday, so I will be cd30, not any definite signs other than tender boobs, which is normal for me at certain times of the month. Also experiencing lower back ache, which could maybe be af arriving?? Will let you know CBD result tomorrow xx

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