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Hi Ladies....
I am now on CD 36...., I ovulated on day 18, and I am now 18 days past ovulation...AF is 7 days late...still having a negative pregnancy test....

can anyone give me any advice? How late does AF have to be to show up as a postive pregnancy test??

I am getting extremely impatient...I have done 4 tests so far and they are all have been a waste and still no symptoms.


  • What tests have you been using as I would have thought a BFP would have shown by now :roll: Though if its not a very sensitive one it might be worth trying a different brand. Did you use OPK's or anything to be sure when you def OV'd?

    Good luck xx
  • id go see your gp...could be stress? im not too sure hun, which test have u used and are your cycles regular? xx
  • Hi hun - thank you sooo much for your reply. I was sure I ovulated, as I had loads of ewcm...but never had a positive opk. We tried the smep plan. I was worried that I never had a positive opk, but a few ladies assured me that they never had a positive opk and they still fell pregnant.
    As for pregnancy tests, I used the superdrug ones as was also told they are really sensitive.
  • Hi hun, didnt want to r&r I was a few days late and af has been showing up on and off (thats if it is af) am really not sure.

    Anyway just wanted to wish you luck for your BFP xx
  • Hiya,

    Yer Superdrug seem to be the fave and thats generally what I use too.. It's horrible when you POAS and get a BFN, not only because it's a BFN but also because it's such a waste of a test :lol:

    I would try to give it 2 days if you can and test again. I use the CBFM and tend to get EWCM a good few days before my peak so it may have just happened a little later than thought. Good luck for when you do test again xx

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  • i used a cbfm which told me a ov'd when i clearly didnt. i sometimes get all the symptoms of ovulation and dont actually ov for maybe another 10 days. the joys of pcos.
  • hay, could of wrote this myself :lol:

    I am 4 days late I think i OV'd late cd17 making me 14/15 dpo
    I have used 4 superdrug test and all bfn
    No symptoms as such except major CM and tired

    Hopes its a shy 1 for us both xx
  • Hi ladies...thank you all for your replies...Gembags have you tested again? Did you get your BFP yet?

    Well still no show from AF, so im off to the docs this morning and will have a chat to her.

    Will keep you allposted...thanks for all your great advice!!
  • Good luck!!!
  • Hi Bronz10

    How did it go at the doctors hun?

  • Hi ladies...I am sooo confused!! I really thought this was our month, we thought we did sooo well with the smep plan!!
    The Dr (not my normal GP) did a pregnancy test and its come back negative. I am on CD40 and still no sign of AF!! The only symptoms I have at the moment is that my right (.)(.) is ever so slightly sore, nothing compared to my first pregnancy, I am very tired and have had a constant wet horrible cold for the last 2 weeks. AF is now 10 days late and still no positive test.
    I have made another Drs app with my GP for next Wed, if no sign of AF or a positive result by then, she will do a blood test to see what is happening.
    Just sooo frustrated, how long does it have to be to get a positive result??
  • Hi hun, sorry to hear your frustrated about your af hun, hope you get it sorted soon, keep us posted xx
  • Hi Ladies...I'm new to posting, but spend a lot of time reading up here! Bronz1010 this is EXACTLY what has happened to me this month. I am on CD43 and I usually have regular (ish) 32 day cycles.
    CBFM said I ovulated 21 days ago, I have the most painful (.)(.) ever and the worst acne has appeared. four negative tests later, I went to the doc yesterday who said give it a few weeks, if nothing he will do hormone tests in mid Jan image, then almost as an afterthrought he said it could be PCOS, but don't worry about that yet...of course I have worried about it and spent the day googling...dangerous! I just feel so tired and sore I want my body to work out what it's doing! Moan over...great to 'meet' you all! x
  • Hi everyone, i am new here but Its quite comforting to know that im not the only one having this problem ! AF was due 16th Dec and still no sign, all HPT are BFN, very frustrating. What even worse is i cant get a docs app until another weeks time, last af was 15th Nov. I might go crazy soon !
    Hope we all get it sorted one way or another soon.x
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