VERY faint BFP or evaporation line on FR test?

I'm around 14dpo (ewcm hard to spot this month). I've had lots of discharge (creamy) and boobs are very slightly sore. So this morning I used my last First Response test. Within 3 minutes I got the very very very faintest of lines. So so faint but it's there, I'm sure! Could it be an evap line though? Stupid me went and bought a CB digital with cp indicator to try and it says Not PG. Although I know these aren't as sensitive as the FR tests. God knows why I bought the CB one when FR are BOGOF in Boots!! I'm going out later to buy some more FR!!

I'm not getting my hopes up (trying not to anyway). So confused!!!!!!! Argggghh!!


  • Hope its your BFP xx

    Could we see a piccy or is it to light of a line????

    Good Luck Hun xxxxxxxxx

    Month 16 TTC #2
  • hope its your bfp - let us know when you test again with a FR x
  • You wouldn't see it on a piccie it's so faint! So hoping it's not an evap line.
  • you shouldnt get an evap within 3 mins, these usually appear when left, if the line is very faint the chances are the digi wont work yet x

    good luck x

    good luck x
  • Ooh thanks piggypops. Evap lines confuse the hell out of me!

    I'm supposed to be doing housework while dd at nursery but can't seem to do anything apart from go online and look up evap lines etc!!!!
  • Hello ccbmommy,

    just thought that i would let you know that the same thing happened to me and i thought ahhh its a evap line and did not think anything of it until i tested a few days later and got a strong line bfp... do not think you can get a evap line after 3 min - think its about after 10 min - fingers crossed for your BFP!! good luck lovely xx
  • Hi Hun,

    I got an evap line on a FR and I had read that they weren't meant to happen and are rare on FR-however it didn't come up within the 3 mins at all- I left the test for ages before I noticed the line- it must have been I would say it's looking pretty good!

    Good Luck Hun!

  • Thanks everyone but I'm still trying to err on the side of caution! With 1st lo I tested and got very strong +ve with Boots test but tested a lot later than I am now (had PCOS then so did not know was pg at all)!!

    Did ring OH but he's in a meeting so all I got was "that's interesting - I'll see you later"!!
  • I'd personally wait another day (as hard as it is) Give those HCG levels a chance to rise. CBD aren't that sensitive tbh. I got really dark BFP's with my first using tesco own brand. Hope it's a BFP for you.x
  • I'm g/c as I'm definitely not ttc just now.

    Fingers crossed Hayley, I'd wait till tomorrow if it was me.Then test 1st thing.
    I'm away for the w'end with no t'internet access so will check back on Monday. Hope it's BFP hun. S x
  • I am so impatient - tested again at 5.30pm with a FR and again got a very faint line but better than before and it was definately pink. Will still test again in a couple of days though!!!
  • ooo exciting stuff!! I'm trying to hold off testing again as well, it's so hard though!!

    But as I said in my thread, hopefully we'll be postng our BFP's in the next few days!! Keep me posted how you get on hun image xx
  • Hi ccbmommy

    How did you get on? I'm in the same position as you today. My period is 3 days late so i've just done a test 15 mins ago and i'm sure i can see the faintest of lines but its only a cheap test from amazon. Its so faint i'm not sure if i'm seeing things.

    I've got 2 cbd's upstairs but too scared to test incase its neg.
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