Is it possible????

Is it possible to have a faint line on a HPT then the line disappears. Did a HPT test on saturday and had a very faint line. I even got the OH and the kids to come and look to make sure I wasnt imagining it. They all agreed, there was a very faint line. Kept the test on the window sill in the bathroom so I could see if the line went any darker but instead, it just disappeared.
Did a 1st response yesterday and it was negative with not even the faintest of faint line.
Does anyone know what happened here? :roll:


  • Hi hun

    Did not want to r and r but and I am not 100% sure here but I have heard of a few people having this problem and still being PG. I would say if you had a line in the first place then there is a good chance you still are. Maybe wait a few days and then do another test and see what happens image

    Congrats thoughimage

    K xxxx
  • Was the saturday test stronger at detecting the hormone? They do say that you have to disregard the result after 30 mins on some tests so if you got a line to start with surely that is a bfp????!!!!
  • The one i used on saturday morning was one from access diagnostics. I think it gives a result at 10mIU. Im not sure how sensitive 1st response is.
  • i'm not 100% either and i know that u should discard but if the dye has already been activated it shouldn't disappear really...sometimes called an evap line...doesn't mean your not pg thou!
  • Ive read about evaporation lines. They happen when the test is drying out. The very faint line appeared in about 1 minute. The max waiting time is 5 minutes.
    Oh I dont know. I think im trying to convince myself that it was a BFP.
  • did u dip or pee on it?
    Maybe theres was too much pee on it?!

    I can't remember the name of the site i'm thinkin of....i think its 2ww but theres lots of examples of hpt tests etc have a look on there!
  • Oooooo thanks hun. I will have a look.
    With the tests that I had from access diagnostic, you have to dip the test.
    my mum keeps saying "well, are you sure your doing the test right" can you be doing it wrong after you have done about 8 million tests lol. I could do a HPT in my sleep. In fact, I probably do lol.
  • hey baby monkey

    The first response is either 25miu or 50 miu so the second one you did is either two and a half or five times less sensitive if that sheds any light at all?
  • ahhhhhhh, thanks for that. i wasnt sure what the 1st response sensitivity was.
  • I think you should forget about the tests that you have done and test again in 3 days and see what the result is, other wise you'll go mad, when is af due? good luck x x
  • hmm I think if you've seen a line within a minute then you must be pg, it's if it only appears after a bit that you might not be isn't it? I don't really know though as my af just keeps sneakily turning up on time.

    what's miu? is that the amount of pregnancy hormone? which tests are the most sensitive?
  • Hi, sorry im not TTC im 34+ weeks at the minute. But thought I would just drop a wee note to say when I done a test at the beginning I had the same thing happen. The line appeared but by the time oh arrived home 45 mins later it had disappeared. IT was very faint, the next day I used a clear blue digital and it gave a negative. Then the day after I used 2 boots digital and got 2 bfp. These where all done a few days before AF was due. As I said I am now 34+weeks pregnant with baby number 3 so hope this is a little useful for you and I will keep my fingers crossed that you get the result you so obviously want. Good luck to all you ladies trying to concieve. I cant imagine how hard it is to deal with as luckily I have been very fortunate and concieved in first month of trying on all accounts.
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