What are the chances?

Hello ladies,
I am back on here :\). Hubby has given a green light to start ttc again. We were ttc early this year but stopped due to quite a few changes on domestic front (relocating to another country in august and me stopping work etc.)
So we were going to start again closer to a move july/august

Anyway hubby had a change of heart and we will be starting from now, I am over the moon, but this is the problem, I am now on CD6, hubby works away at the moment, he'll be home on CD10 and CD14, so I am making most of those two day but missing some really important dates I think.
What are the chances of conception? My cycles are around 27 days. We decided not to use OPKs to start off, so its all a guess work really.
Any thoughts? xxx


  • hi, try this is a guide. http://www.ovulation-calendar.net/

    According to the info above, CD1 would have been 13th may so by rights your ov days will be 22nd - 27th may with 26th being your highest fertile day.
    good luck!
  • g/c don't forget sperm lives for up to 3-5 days in the uterus so even if u bd a day or two early there is still a chance xx
  • Thanks ladies. My CD1 was 14th May. Srus I hope I catch it. My oh is actually home on that very important day, but then again not everyone ovulate on CD14, but then hope little sperms survive bit longer lol Wish me luck xx
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