My poor little cousin

My cousin is 4 and this afternoon has been taken into hospital as she has swine flu. I am so worried about her, think they are putting her on a drip but waiting for my auntie to let us know more.

This has made me panic so much about whether i should carry on ttc. I am terrified about whether it is safe or not. I dnt want to risk mine or my babys health. I am a worrier but does any1 not ever think it might be best to wait til all this swine flu stuff dies down. I know this may sound daft to some and there will always be "something" going on but it is so worrying

MrsT4 x


  • Hi hun, sorry to hear about your cousin, I hope all is well, if you are worried hun you can suggest having the swine flu jab i think at your doctors and tell them you are trying for a baby see what they say.

  • Oh no, poor wee thing. But you have to remember it's just a particular strain of flu, there are lots of nasty bugs out there and she could get any of them (touch wood she doesn't but you know what I mean!)

    At least these days they have brilliant medical advances to try to care for sick people

    C x
  • Oh bless her poor lil pet.

    Ive a 3 & a 5 year old so i know how worried her mum & dad must be what a shame & just before xmas Bless them all & please god she be ok & it doesnt hit her too hard. :cry:

  • Thanks guys, not heard anything this morning but fingers crossed she be a bit better today x
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