now i have wait 4 period, because of pill!

I just discovered on internet that stopping using the pill can stop you having your periods and can take upto six months to come back to normal!! OMG

Next period is due 29th july so just have to wait n see. are the ovulation kits good?


  • i havent tried ovulation sticks but thinking of getting some. It can take a while for your periods to get back to normal after coming off the pill..but everybody is different. My first natural cycle was 30 days but dont know what to expect this month. good luckx
  • Hi Leanne, some ladies get pg before their first natural af off the pill. The pill can make your af irregular, sometimes not showing for a long time. But this isn't always the case. I stopped the pill at the end of March, and my cycles have been quite regular at 30, 33 and 29 days. HTH. xx

    Oh tried ov sticks this month. Yet to get a +ve, but have ov pain! I'm not that keen on them myself! lol
  • mine went back to normal straight away after coming off the pill and think i'm lucky to have a 28 day cycle every month image
  • I came off the pill in april and my cycles have been 40 and 48 days so far. It can make them irregular but you can get PG before you get first AF xx
  • i came of the pill and my cycles went back to 29 days image xx
  • i came off the pill and waited 6 months before AF showed!! ive had three periods since, one at 29 days and the other two 28 x
  • I stopped my periods just after we got married (a year ago) and went straight back to 28 days after more than 18 years on the pill, it doesn't always take a long time.
  • Hi, i stopped my pill on 12th June and am now on CD29, still no signs of AF... i have done to PG test and both BFN image hopefully AF will turn up soon or a BFP xx
  • I came off the pill in April and got my BFP today,so there is hope it can happen quickly!
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