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what would you say are the very early signs of pregnancy, if any. Have looked on loads of sites, but its always from about 8 weeks on... ie need to pee more often etc. I am due on next Tuesday, but this week especially have had v sore boobs and funny spot things around nipples (sorry if TMI), also today noticed boobs every so slightly veiny around nipples, not really noticed that before. Checked them a couple of times today while going to the loo, think I may be getting a bit paranoid about it all, lol They feel heavy too, whereas normally before period they just a bit sore. I want to test maybe this weekend, as will be 3 days before due, what do you think? Too early to do a test? Partner thinks I should just wait and see if I miss a period!!! Easy for him to say lol. I don't have any other signs that I keep reading about, apart from tiredness, not sure if more so than normal tho - lol. Haven't had any signs of implantation beleeding yet either, or would it be too early for that?? Also, big question, has anyone every found out they're pregnant and had NO signs apart from a missed period? I'd be interest to know. Zx


  • hiya, this sounds very promising. If you can't wait then by all means test but a neg could be very disappointing so you might want to wait. Do let us know the outcome, I love hearing of people get the + tests. Fingers crossed for you!
  • Hi Mother1, thanks for reply. Thought it sounded promising too, we've been trying for 4 months. though I have to say, this month, think we hit the exact right time, know what I mean,lol Its so difficult trying to pinpoint your exact symptoms sometimes, but this month does feel different, so fingers crossed for me. x
  • Yeah I had the thing with getting more veins but that was about the earliest thing- didn't really get sore boobs or anything. Also, I know it sounds weird, but my teeth felt weird as well, kinda out of place as if they weren't sitting right. Anyway hope it all goes well image

    p.s i tested about 3 days before period and got a faint line image
  • Hi now married and broody, congrats, when are you due?? I must admit haven't had the "teeth" thing, lol, been craving chocolate, but am partial to some anyway!! HA HA So, did you get any bleeding at all to begin with??x
  • ps am also very bloated today, could this also be a possible sign?? I just wish there were clear signs for oncoming period or pregnancy (the weeks before), wouldn't that just make life so much easier??!!
  • sorry, just one more thing, when you count days past ovulation, do you include the day you ovulated or count from the day after, or doesn't it really matter??
  • Count from the day after you ovulate. Have you decided when you're going to test yet? Don't forget to come on here and let us know how you get on! x
  • Bit difficult to tell, wed 9th had some discharge, then much more on Fri 11th and Sat 12th Dec. So which day to go from. My cycle is exactly 28 days. If I go from Fri 11th, then today is only 5 days past ovulation....??
  • Have a look on this website.... its amazing!


  • thanks BabyDancer, looks great, have added it to my Favs, along with many more sites I am increasingly reading!! lol xx
  • Hi ZLS23,

    We have exactly same symptoms lol, I caved in and tested again this morning but I knew it was still too early am 9DO, am getting pains in stomach now tho so dont know if the witch is on her way!!

    Its so frustrating hun, I would wait until 2-3 days before your af and then test as I have tested twice this month and am disappointed in myself and I got BFN that was on 8DPO, 9DPO.

    I actually have no FR tests left now only a CB Digital and hubby just laughs at me but its cost me a fortune in tests this month. I just so want to pregnant at xmas I love the idea and really want my BFP. I have been broody for over 2 years now but we only got married in May.

    Oh might add this is only MONTH 1 for us so how crazy am I lol.

    Big hugs and keep me posted xx
  • Hey, I didn't have any bleeding, no. It's really hard to wait but I guess the thing that stopped me from testing too early was that I just didnt want to be disappointed with a bfn. Just prepare yourself for either I guess image

    Oh and i'm due in June image
  • Oh bless you Sparkling Diamond. We got married beginning of Sept, came off the pill end of September, so really this is our proper 3rd month trying. I have no idea how much tests are now, which would be the best one to get?? I guess I should wait then, its just so hard to try and forget isn't it. Every spare minute I have I search the net for signs and symptoms. Lol I too would love to find out at Xmas. So, as I am due on next Tues, 22nd, think I may test on Mon morning?? If I can wait that long - god, what's the matter with me?? Mind you, after wathcing the first 20 minutes of that Amdanda Holden midwife programme last night and seeing one lady give birth- Hmmm lol xx Keep me posted too x
  • HI again now married and broody, June eh, it will be here before you know it! Look how fast Xmas has loomed up on us all!! Keep us posted with all your news x
  • Hi maybe a First Response as they can test up to 4 days before af due, some cheap tests like asda, tesco, boots and superdrug apparently all do the same trick but as this is our first month and FR are on BOGOF in BOOTS!! Have only been using the FR but I also have a CB Digital left and thats all I have left.

    Going to wait and see if af arrives if not will buy some FR tests on Monday am due to test 21st too!!!

    Oh its exciting, how old are you? I have just turned 30 in Oct

  • Yes, exciting, even more so if a positive test!! I'm 35, 36 next April, hubby is 37. This would be a first for us both. He's pretty broody too!! Keeps saying I would make a great mum - ahhhhh!!! x
  • Oh am sure you will hun, am a bit of a lazy moo but all that will change once we have a baby.........like my bed too much xx
  • ha ha - let's keep each other posted then and fingers firmly crossed for the 21st!! xx
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