OMG really scared, done something stupid

Only been on here a very short while, this is our first month TTC. AF is due at the weekend but I though to prove to myself that the sicky feeling and period pains I was getting were all in my head so did a first response test and got a BFP! Don't get me wrong I am VERY pleased and excited but so scared I will still get AF, wish I'd waited till AF was late. Also OH is out, due back soon, not sure how to tell him? We always said that we would do the test together, not literally! OMG so many different feelings going through my head, mostly good Just feel like it is too good to be true to get pregnant on first month trying and feel really guilty as my best friend told me on Monday that her and her OH are strting IVF. Not really sure what advice I'm looking for, just needed to tell someone. Sorry for rambeling on! Lots of baby dust to everyone else. x


  • Congratulations xx
  • Congratulations hun - that's such wonderful news.

    You musn't feel guilty either - I'm sure that although for a split second your friend may feel a slight hint of jealousy (everyone does LOL) but she - just like everyone else will be overjoyed for you.

  • Congratulations! A BFP now is just as good as one in a few days! I was lucky enough to conceive first time of trying too and it is a massive shock, but don't let stresses/worries ruin this magical moment! x
  • Congratulations hun. Don't be worrying about telling your oh, i always tell my dh I will wait and test with him but I always sneak a test in lol- need to prepare myself for the answer- but as it's always a bfn maybe I should wait next time.... nah hahaha. enjoy your bfp!!!
  • Congratulations! Enjoy it!! xx
  • Yeah!!!! Congrats Hun! X
  • Congratulations honey-have a happy and healthy 9 months.

  • Congratulations - have you told hubby yet??
  • Bubabear- how are things going now? I hope you are ok.

    x x x
  • Congratulations sweetheart, I'm sure you'll have a stickybean, no worrying! xxx
  • Congratulations what exciting news! Your oh will be soo excited he shouldn't mind that you sneaked a wee test in first...... I'm guessing I'd do the same in your shoes. Enjoy x
  • Congratulations hun, I too have been having af pains and feeling sick as if I have been on a rollercoaster so am hoping we have done it this month too...........youve just given me PMA not sure when am testing as bit of a messed up af last month!!

    Congratulations again xx
  • Thank you for all your kind words. OH came home just after I finished writing my message last night. He is over the moon, not cross at all that I tested without telling him or that I tested before late AF. In fact he kept walkign around our apartment last night bragging about the fact that his bits work, LOL! I'm much more relaxed today too. Was a huge shock yesterday even though it was what we have been trying for, weird??? Have been walking around with a huge grin all day, so happy and excited. Fingers crossed the little bean sticks. Thank you again everyone.

    Sparkling Diamond - that is exactly how I've been feeling for about a week. Keep up the PMA.

    Really hope you all get your BFP xbaby dust to allx
  • oh im so happy!!!!

    Well, just stay stress free and leave the housework to hubby now?!!!!

  • congratulations! dont be worried its great news!
  • Congratulations hun! Heres to a healthy and happy 9 months!
  • Congratulations, hope you have a H+H 9 months image xx
  • Congratulations, hope you have a H+H 9 months image xx
  • congratulations and wow!
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