might be a silly question...

Hi i was just reading the back of the tests i got off ebay and it says you should leave your sample for 20min till its room temp before testing i was just wondering why it has to be room temp any ideas? thanks Lin


  • I don't know why at all - but didn't want to r & r! Mine just say room temperature but not a specific time! It doesn't make sense as FR and CB you pee straight onto them? I think someone on here was doing a test to see if it made any difference but not sure what the results were! xx
  • I have emailed fertility friend on ebay to try and find out!
  • fertility friend reckon it does not actually make any difference! Now i am confused xx
  • Could it be something to do with evap lines? It was MrsS... She got a faint line to start with, then experimented to see if there was a difference! xx
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