Madly desperate symtom spotting?

Tell me to stop it!

Have had odd twinge in my abdomen for two day and a heavy feeling like being full of cotton wool. It feels like a very, very gentle and faint period pain but usually get those on 1st day of AF not before. No sign of AF.

And I've been so clumsy. Tripping up, spilling things etc.

Now: someone tell me its because AF is messed up and due after coming off the Pill. Have had no AF for 2 months and a BFN on Tuesday.

Tell me NOT to test. Please! Someone!


  • Stop stop stop!!!!!

    image It's so hard being on the two week wait eh I hated it last month and sooo not looking forward this month!!
    K xx
  • I am seriously tempted to buy a test when I go out. I have a clear blue digital but I'm saving that to confirm when I get a bfp on another test. I had to get my husband to hide it though, to stop me using it!

    How long do you need to wait for you can poas again?
  • OK how many DPO are you??

    k xx
  • No idea, which is why I shouldn't test. I haven't even established if I ov since I stopped the pill. I've only just found out all the mucus tricks and am keeping an eye on things now.
  • Ok when did you come off the pill honey and when did you have your af?

    K xx
  • I came off the pill on 9th April, had withdrawal bleed on 11th and 12th, and big fat nothing since.
  • Oh i see ok then honey will i would say you are ok to test now if you want to?? If your preg it should show up by now image

    Thats the thing when you come off your body is all over the place I thought i was lucky as i had a perfect 28 days from coming off the pill but have bleed on and off for the last 6 days mainly after se which has really worried me ;-(

    K xx
  • Hi there

    Sorry to gate crash but when I came off the pill last July my AF was all over the place. Had no withdrawal bleed, was 10 days late the 1st month and 3 days late the 2nd month and then I found myself expecting. Sadly had a MC at 4.5 weeks on 19th Nov and then found myself expecting again much to my surprise (as I didn't think it could happen that fast) 5 weeks later on 21st Dec.

    The point of all the info is that I found going for regular reflexology did the world of good for balancing my hormones after coming off the pill and I am convinced that is why I fell pregnant so quickly after being on the pill 14 years.

    Good luck to you both - I know I went through about 8 preg tests in those first 3 months and then did about 4 when I found out I was pregnant this time. Boots made a fortune out of me - LOL !!! xx
  • Thanks Ladies! I am def considering some sort of alternative therapy as I reckon stress is a big problem for most of ttc!

    And K-Lou cheers for that. I think I will buy a test and restrain myself until the weekend. If the cramps are due to AF, she should have put in an appearence by then!
  • I think I would do that and if af still doesnt arrive then test every week or so, if you can wait that long!!lol.
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