I'm on antibiotics :(

As my cystitis hadn't improved an awful lot since it started on Monday, I took myself to our local walk in centre this evening and have been prescribed antibiotics which I have to take for three days. Luckily they don't interfere with trying for a baby and don't cause harm if pregnant. She did a PG test which unsurprisingly came out negative, I did tell her that I was only 4dpo so it wouldn't show up anyway.

Anyway hopefully these will do the job and clear it up.

I talked to her about TTC and do you go to the loo straight after, or stick your bum and legs in the air. She seemed to agree that we stood the best chances if we didn't go to the loo straight away. She also said not to BD for the next 3-4 days - I laughed, at the moment BD is really the last thing on my mind!


  • :lol: at her telling you not to BD, yeah right!!

    I stick my legs in the air, or OH grabs me by my legs and spins me around and props them up against the wall, there's a vision for you :lol:

    If we BD morning/day I usually give it at least half an hour before going to the toilet but if its at bed time I try to go to sleep without going to the toilet.

    I'm sure your cystitis is horrible but at least it's happened after OV, every cloud and all that image

    Good luck xx
  • hey chicky choo---i got cystittus/ kidney infection on monday because of too much BD'ing and not going to the loo after sex.. i had positive OPK on sat and sun so im hoping i DTD enough as wasnt fit to do it at all on mon, tues or since for that matter..on mon i took tonnes and tonnes of cranberry and water and even a cranberry tablet..think it helped ---on tues nite could feel it comin back so repeated the cranberry procedure and touch wood im ok---im hoping it will pass without antiobitics--if not will have 2 get them--a 3 day course doesnt seemt that bad --im just mad im missed those few days of BD'ing after the Ov date---aw well--fingers crossed 4 us both anyhows!Xx
  • Oh bless you Brillbride - I feel your pain. I too had my peaks (on a CBFM) on Saturday and Sunday. We bd'ed both days but couldn't do it afterwards as my cystitis had kicked in. Hopefully we've done enough though. Hope the cranberry method is going well, this is the first time in six years that i've had cystitis and first time with antibiotics so i'm hoping they work. xx
  • Hi Chickychoo,

    Sorry to hear that your unwell hun and I really feel for you because cystitis is horrible and I normally suffer from it too :evil:

    This will make you laugh tho one time I actually had cystitis so bad I camped out in my parents loo because I could not be bothered getting up out of bed every 5 mins for a wee :lol: It was awful tho really painful and a horrible experience!!

    Anyway I hope that by sharing my experience you some what feel a tad better!!

    Chin up and good luck with your BFP, I so want a XMAS BFP....need to keep up the PMA xx
  • Sparkling Diamond - you're right that has made me laugh. I'm not as yet camping in the bathroom but will bear it in mind! xx
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