hi girlies, sorry about my downer post the otherday! so im happy now, got my AF again (its been every 12 days for the last 2 months now) random! phoned nhs direct and they siad its completly normal for women to not have AF or have really irregular AF after coming off the pill for up to 6 months, so thats made me feel so much better and a bit less upset, so i have been assured theres nothing wrong and my bodys just getting back to normal, so im a happy bunny! just hope it sorts itself out soon! so i can BD again! considering taking agnus castus, anyone have any experience of this? dont really know why i posted, bt just to say hi, im back, hope u r all well, and im back to my happy self! (((hugs))) xxxxx


  • glad to see you back and you're happy!! I've only heard of agnus castus but don't really know what it does lol am sure you'll get your BFP soon!

    Baby dust xx
  • I took it for 8 days when my af came for 3 weeks then disappeared the next month after coming off implanon, that month I had a normal af and have done ever since. I got them from holland and barrett, the tablet ones , worked a treat for me! Xx
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