Ovulation sticks detect Hcg??? Is this true?


  • http://www.peeonastick.com/opkhpt.html

    Hope this helps! The moral of the story is: if you want to test for pg, use a pregnancy test...
  • Hi - I am SOOO dull I have just looked up the proteins involved. As I wanted to know the answer to this question.
    I am a scientist and make tests similar to this as part of my job
    Pregnancy testing stick tests for HCG
    OV prediction LH
    The answer is almost certianly yes

    As the units that the proteins are built up by are 84 percent similar.
    HCG has 24 extra protein units on the end.
    So the main part of both proteins are idenctical.

    The reason the test for HCG are specific is that the test ingredients are targetted to the extra bit
    ERMmm hope this helps
  • Yes they def do. After my mc 2 weeks ago I am still getting faint hpk's and a line also comes up on the opk's. Sometimes even darker than the hpk. xx
  • in summary pregnancy test will not be affected by the LH (ov hormone) but the OV tests will be affected by the pregnancy hormone. Dull reasons stated above. Think thats what the peeonastick website concluded too. That woman was a proper POAS addict
    Sorry to hear your news Baby B
  • Thanks J-Jenko. Good news is that they are finally acting on my pcos suspicions. Having blood tests next cycle (whenever that will be!!)
  • well i surcumbed to the POAS pixies and tested..and whada you know..BFN.
    I'm off to eat chocolate now *humph*
  • Sarah - if its a BFN, you know the rules say you can have a glass of wine or a pint, if you like. I think its written in the small print on the test leaflet.
  • Ah, sorry Sarah. Go and have some chocolate, and as Flush says some wine too.
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