Just realised.....

I can test in 10 days!!!!

Its my birthday in 10 days and although I'm not due af till the day after I will be testing early (naughty me) so I can work out if i can have a drink with my birthday meal.

I did wonder earlier why I felt a bit excited/hopeful, and tried to stop myself feeling like that. But i do have a glimmer of hope, I know i ovd last week and we managed lots and lots of baby dancing.
So just got to keep everything crossed for me at the end of the month image

Now all I've got to do is stay away from the shops between now and then....... oh the urge!!!!! :lol:



  • Good luck hun. I have everything crossed for you to get a birthday BFP

    Take care xx
  • Good luck hunny! Hope you get you birthday BFP xxx
  • I am due to test in 9 days woo hoo very excting but scary as well. I will keep everything crossed for you that you get your BFP.

  • good luck hunny hope you have a wonderful birthday surprise!! x x
  • fanks ladies....

    its hubbys birthday today, and the urge to test is overwhelming........... its a good job i dont have any tests in the house as I'm only just a week past ov (i think - i have a long luteal phase :\( ) and i know it would be a BFN.

    Just got to wait, and wait....... and wait......................

    but we do have a baby sitter for a couple of hours tonight so we can go out and have a drink (or two for him)

  • Good luck stephe, what a fab birthday pressy that would be!! xx
  • A BFP would be a wonderful present.
    Good luck hun. Fingers crossed for you
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