What a crap day!!!

Today I...

-Got another BFN;

-Got a letter through the post telling me I owe SAAS a bunch of money which ISN'T TRUE;

-Had to go to workimage;

-Came home the complete demolition of our bedroom, the puppy had broken loose and bailed upstairs to chew a load of my stuff and pee on the carpet (note she didn't go for ANY of the OH's belongings)...

I was meant to go and vote this evening but after letting my day sink in I am really not in the mood! So now I feel bad about that.

My day would have been just dandy if I'd gotten a ruddy BFP!!!


  • Aww, bless you hon!

    If it makes you feel any better, I DO owe SAAS a bunch of money!

    Chin up, tomorrow will be better!xx
  • oh no, sorry you got a BFN and had a rotten day.

    At least tomorrow can only get better!

    When our dog was a puppy he destroyed so much of our stuff and chewed skirting boards, furniture etc. Everyday was like what's he done now! It's rubbish isn't it!

    Are you due af today or could have you tested too early?

  • Aw so sorry hun youve had a crappy day who is SAAS??

    If you got a BFP all would have been forgiven I know how you feel tho like its just one thing after another

  • I was just about to ask who saas are sd
  • McGillair, SAAS are rubbish! Or so I've decided today :P x

    Haha I won't bore you with the rant Kernow buuuut looking at my diary I think I've tested way too early. I have very irregular cycles but the last 2 have been similar so if they're anything to go by then I won't be due AF until next Sunday :S I have symptoms but now I'm thinking it's too early for me to be feeling anything! I love my pup but I wish she wouldn't chew, I'm going to buy a baby-gate so she can't get upstairs but I'm scared the OH will think I've gone baby mad.

    Sparkling Diamond & Kernow, SAAS = Student Award Agency Scotland. They pay for course fees/bursaries/student loans etc etc for students in Scotland. Apparently I owe them pennies for a course I took back in '07!

    Sparkling Diamond, I hate days like this...especially as I got my BFN at 5.30am! My mum's told me to not bother getting out of bed this time next year :P

  • ah tinkerbell, sorry for your BFN but hopefully youre just testing early and theres a teeny bean waiting!!
    as for voting, i went but i trod in dog poo on the way. fab day all round...

  • Haha broodybritches, that made me giggle. Hope you voted for the "would you just pick up your own ruddy dog's poo" party xxx
  • LOL yep 'pick up your own ruddy dog poo and give us all blood tests that show BFP and sticky beans guaranteed for the TTC ladies' party.
  • that's who I voted for too! xxx
  • I DO owe money to SAAS too-but i am sorry for your BFN, its rubbish and couldnt have helped your day.

    x x x
  • It is always the same when you are having a bad day it lasts the whole day. Hope today is a better day for you and that you did test too early xx



  • Sorry its not a good day,and espicially that u got a bfn. Ix
  • Yeah you're right Shoegal it does tend to last the whole day! Just one thing after the other until you get into bed feeling like poop!
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