why is tryin for a baby so upsetting and stressfull?

I used to have a perfect 28 day cycle Been doing then ovulations tests as im on CD14/15 big fat negatives each time i feel like giving in arrrrrr!! I just want a positve so i can BD although i still am anyway haha....always fun practicing! Any advice anyone how longs ur cycles? At what point in ur cycle do u Ovulate? help.... Thanks stressed Bella x


  • i dont really no, so im not much help sowwy, its only my 2nd month and havent wokred out my cycles yet image didnt want to R+R, but ive heard some people on eher getting negative OV tests all through the month and then getting a BFP? just keep BDing and all should be fine! (((hugs))) xxxxxxxxxx
  • my cycles are 31 days and I ov around cd18/19 you may find you ov in the next day or so... so have fun BD'ing anyway!
  • Thanks ladies its good to here positive feed back when im feeling so crappy, ill keep bding anyway hehe.. ill keep testing for ovulation to just in case x
  • good plan! good luck hun! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey chook, I have 28/29 day cycles and I ovulate on days 17 and 18. I only realised this when I did OPKs! xxx
  • Hi bella, my cycles are 28-30 days and i OV on CD15 and 16 this month...used CB OPK! xo
  • Mine are about 26 says long and only realised this cycle have been ovulating on days 16-17, and not 12-14 as had thought so quite a difference
  • Hi bella, If you were having a 28 day cycle you would ov around CD14, so prehaps your cycle might a few days longer this time and you will ov late.

    I agree with it being so stressful TTC, I think aswell we are all feeling the pressure coz everybody around us is announcing BFP's and we are feeling left out.

  • i have absoultely no clue hun.sorry!! not really any use as i have irregular cycles!!

    it is sooo stressful and i felt sooo down when there was loads of BFP's the other week!

    fingers crossed for april BFP's for every one!!! lol

  • Hi Bella

    Over my year of TTC - I had mostly 30 or 31 CD cycles. However I then had a random 35 and 37 day cycle mixed in. My last cycle was 38 days - which I know because I used a CBFM for the first time and knew when I ov'd. (I got my BFP and I'm now 5+5)
    I never got a positive ov using the poas OPK's from ebay - maybe because my cycle wasn't regular.
    So my advice is to invest in a CBFM. I got mine from ebay for ??55. And if all goes well with my bean, I'll probably sell it on to get some of my money back. Just knowing when I was ov'ing made this last cycle sooo less stressful. I knew when was 14DPO - so tested then and was amazed to get BFP.

    I know CBFM doesn't work all the time - but loads of people seem to have got their BFP's on the first or second cycle using them.

    I know it's hard to ttc - esp when you see others getting their BFP's. You have to know that your turn is coming. And your bean is going to be so loved and wanted because you had to wait.

    Hang in there - wishing you heaps of babydust

  • thanks ladies i feel loads better today and congrats to u cocolateabag ill keep testing however it is the OPK's of the internet ill maybe invest in some others xx
  • hello!
    mine vary between 32-34 but in dec it was 40! the day i ov differs as well depending on cycle. i got my bfp my 2nd month of using it (was a chemical one tho) so I'd def recommend it! xxx
  • Hiya Bella,

    Mu cycles are between 26-27 days although my last cycle was 22 days. I got the CB OPK and according to them i didnt ovulate. I really stressed myself out over it. This month i have decided to just BD every 2 to 3 days and hope and pray i get my first BFP.
    Good luck x x x
  • My doc has advised me not to use OPK as they add to the whole stress thing, and I'd kind of come to that conclusion myself tbh. She said as long as you have regular periods, then there's generally not a problem with ov, so keep having regular BD and you'll time it right whatever happens.
    I tried them last month and didn't get a smiley, but knew I'd ovulated, so I do think they add to the stress and am going to go au naturelle this month.
  • yer i agree they are more stressfull gonna just BD this month wen AF buggers off haha she is just as stressfull xx
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