what to do?

hi everyone, i'm one of those lurker girls who occasionally offers an opinion but now i need some advice if thats ok?.
I was expecting af 23/24th dec and she has yet to rear her ugly head! i came off the pill january 08 and my cycles started off long (68 days), and got shorter each time and the last two have been 38 days both times. so i was expecting a 38 day cycle again or less as no cycle has been longer than the one before it in a year.
Also have no af signs at all, nothing!
So am now at a loss. Scared to test coz dont want to see a bfn but how many days should i leave it? too scared to get my hopes up and think that this might be the time! help! x
babydust to all xxx

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  • hey tootytoo- i know about seeing the bfn- they say 5 days after missed af is best to wait- but that is so hard to do- don't really have any great advice, but wishing you good luck this month- seems like you have been ttc for a while also- we are on 15mths- f/c for both of us!!!
  • hey tooytoo..
    I dont know how you've been so strong to wait this long! How long have you been trying for?
  • thanks guys. been off the pill since jan after more than ten yrs on but didnt get af till the march or a proper length cycle till the aug/sep so have only had 8 cycles. my accupuncturist says she wouldnt count our yr of trying as started until aug. who knows.!
    hubby just text me to ask if i wanted anything brought home with him. text back preg test? !! wont do it today tho, i think!
    would everyone else just go ahead and poas or hold their nerve a few more days?
  • I know it is terrible to wait- i really want to test again tomorrow- will be 13dpo- but don't want to see bfn- probably best to wait for fmu- if you can stand it!!!!!
  • Hi tootytoo, just want to make sure I'm getting this right, so you counted your next AF as being 38 days making you due yesterday? Did you do any ov tests at all during the month? If so then 2 weeks after a positive ov test should give you an accurate result, if not then if I were you I would def being poas tomorrow morning image I know it's horrible seeing a bfn but at least it will stop you guessing about what's happening.

    Really hope you get your bfp hun!! Good luck xx
  • like the previous poster said, cycle length can vary and it's really ov date that's important as luteal phase is (usually) 14 days long. my cycle did the opposite after the pill, started off at 30 days and my lst cycle was 62 days, the one after was my bfp!
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