ebay tests?

hey girls,

just wondering if i can have some information of the girls that have used the ebay tests!

im just wondering how many dpo u would have to wait to c a BFP?



  • G/C from DIJ
    I used these and got a bfp at 10dpo, then 2 days later a CBD said 1-2 weeks. Hope this helps and good luck xx
    32+2 xx
  • Hey,

    I was just about to post a similar question and then found this so hope you don't mind me gate crashing!

    Would be interested in other's responses xx
  • Hi
    personally I wouldn't trust the ebay cheap tests - I've seen alot of posts where they havn't worked.

    However if they are the super sensitive 10 miu tests - then 10DPO may show a BFP - but it depends on your personal level of HCG ( we are all different)

    I would use Superdrug tests - they are still cheap and super sensitive at 10 miu.

    I'd also try to test at 14 DPO if you can, I wasted so many tests poas early through my year of ttc.
    When I finally got my BFP in March, I tested on 14DPO and the second line came through immediately. It's much better than driving yourself crazy trying to spot if you have a line or an evap line.
    But I know how tough it is when you are in the 2WW!!

    Good luck

    CTBxx (9+1)
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