Pg or Af? Update!

Hey Girlies

I am currently 9dpo and since 4dpo i've been getting cramping on and off generally around my right ovary but also quite low down and central. I have also had a bit of nausea, bouts of diarheoa and dizzy spells too. Today at 9dpo Idon't have anymore cramps but I have a really bad aching in my legs and bum and my bbs are no really tender and veiny, Feels like my af is about to start any min but not due till friday 25th? Any ideas, anyone experienced these symptoms and got their bfp? With DD I don't remember my sysmptoms because wasn't paying attention until HPT said BFP!

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  • I had exactly that before i had my BFP. Sore boobs, pain in my ovaries, nausea..Sounds promising to me image I sadly had a MC in April but had similar symtoms again. Currently 5 days late but going to wait til next weekend to test as my cycles are all over the place! LOL
    When are you thinking of testing?
  • Hi, from around 8dpo I got bouts of a sicky feeling, dizzy, cramping too and felt like af was coming and I get my bfp at 12dpo. No sore boobies though but then I never had that till much later in with my daughter.
  • Thanks for your replies. If af isn't here by saturday then I will take hpt but im not holding out any hopes! (such a pesimist) lol.When i was pg with dd i didnt test till I was 3 weeks late, I just didn't realise my period hadn't come. lol I was on holiday around the time i was due i remember and i had a terrible cold/ flu with a rash and i seem to get a rash every now and agin when i come out the bath now... hmmmm will wait and see i guess.

    Cupcake--- think you should test!!! lol Hopefully you will get a bfp! I wil have everything crossed fo ryou huni.

    Lambchop- Congratulations here to a H & H 9 months! xxx
  • last night i had terrible leg cramps and back ache felt really terrible. Couldn't sleep and when I woke up I was really really warm. Then today .. nothing! just sore sides of BBS!

    I decided to buy some HPT's and as you can imagine couldn't resist trying one. Bought sd as heard they were good, line showed within about 5 mins but very faint and has got darker the longer its been left, decided to do another and same happened again but not as dark, do you think they could be evaporation lines or my bfp?! x
  • Hey hun, we are cycle twins! 10DPO and due 25th. I have been having exactly the same symptoms and was scared AF was coming early. Did a test yesterday evening and this evening and got v faint lines on both!

    I am just impatient though, need to wait a few days to see if the line keeps getting darker. Hold off if you can! Good luck :\) x
  • Its so hard though isn't it!! I ordered some ebay cheapies so will wait for them to come which should be by wednesday and then will etst again at 12dpo to see if the line is any darker. I'm so impatient though. Good luck hun, hope we both get our BFP's this month x
  • Ok so I tested with a CBD and got a Pregnant 1-2 weeks today!!! So excited. Hope its a sticky bean! If you wpuld like a list of symptoms let me know.
  • Congratulations!!! How exciting for you!?
    Hope this is the start of a H&H 9months for you hun image
    x x x
  • congratulations!!
  • Thank you ladies baby dust to you all x
  • eeeeeeeek! congrats!! x
  • congratulations hun xx
  • Thats fab news!
    I am new here today bit wanted to wish you well. x
  • Congratulations!! Here's to a healthy and happy 9 months!

  • Congratulations hun xxxx
  • Fantastic News - Congratulations. x x x
  • congrats huni! image x
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