OVT smiley face question

Hi girls, hopr you're all doing ok.

Just looking at dates and wondering a few things....

I got a smiley face of a CB digital OVT on Christmas day 25th and Boxing Day 26th too. What does this mean? Can it mean I ov'ed on either day, or is it the day after - in other words the 27th? (Did another OVT on the 27th which was negative - I'm not a POAS addict honest, was just using up the spares hee hee!)

Any ideas would be greatly welcomed,
Thanks xxx


  • Hi hun, you probably caught your LH level rising on the 25th and falling again (though still high enough for a positive) on the 26th. My tests say that you are very fertile for 36 hours after your positive so I would take that to mean you had Christmas day, boxing day and some of the 27th as your "best times" xx
  • Thanks for that reply Huni - was just a little confused considering the SMEP states to BD night of posuitive ov plus a further 2 nights, miss a night then a final try - surely that's too late then??

    Anyways, we'll just have to wait and see! Good luck to you too xxx
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