What day should I test?

Hi girls I think i OV on wed 11th to friday 13th? I had a 28 day cycle last month so I thought I would be due to test this saturday the 28th though looking at my ticker it's saying I can test this friday? What day should be testing on?

K xx


  • OMG i have only just noticed it says i should of OV on the sunday???? I never bd'd that day? I bd on the monday wed thursday friday and saturday??
    k XX
  • Do it on friday, only because I don't come on at the weekend and you could tell us all on friday morning!
  • You mean I will be crying on here friday morning and will be forced to cheer me up LOL

    K xx


  • Better to have us to support you whichever way it goes.
  • My ticker says the same K. Don't leave me, test on Saturday! Unless you really really want to test on a different day! I had a 30 day cycle and a 33 day cycle. So kind of averaged it out, but CD 30 is Thursday. However that would only make LP 14 days, whereas I think it is 15...so in theory I'm testing late on Saturday! I think!

    I might see if my symptoms get worse through the week, but wanted to hold out until CD 32.... xx


  • ;-) very true very trueimage

    K xx


  • Oh mithical maybe we could both test on friday morning?? Come on what do you say??

    Paula really image fnger's crossed for both of us thenimage Have you girls had much cm, I have hardly had any at all though it looks how it looks before I OV?

    Do you think it's bad that I never BD on the sunday and that is meant to be the day i am due to OV? I dont; remember getting any ewcm that day.

    k XX
  • Now you are trying to corrupt me K! lol

    I don't know, because I really only took notice of ewcm this cycle. Last cycle I bd'd every other day on fertile week. So really didn't know when ov'd....what to do?? I'll make a decision later in the week?

    I have either had no cm on wiping, or a very small amount.

    You can catch the egg if you bd up to 4-5 days before ov, if you bd'd the Sat there's still a chance! It's just as someone else put it...refreshing his little swimmers! lol xx
  • Thanks girls image OMG I can test in 4 days woo hoo. I just need to know you know, Mithical you have to do it with me???Come on try friday morning and if not we will wait a few days then test again? What do you say?

    k XXX
  • OMG how can I refuse that plea?! Ok I'll do it with you...we'll test Friday!

    You'll likely be earlier than me, unless I need to pee at 7am, like I have been all week! lol xx
  • K-lou
    I really can not believe you have waited this long considering you are no1 symptom spotter lol
  • Am I number one LOL what do you girls think of me LOL

    Mithical wicked i am so pleased we will test together image

    I have hardly any cm though and i am worried about that? It feels wet to touch but then when I check I hardly have any at all apart from verysmall golbs of yellow cm that is stringy a bit like ewcm but it;s sticky not clear and wet?

    k XX
  • I have hardly any full stop! xx
  • I thought you were testing with me on saturday?! Now I feel lonely - lol!! Mithical is right - the sperm can live for 5 days, so all the BD before Sunday should have been stored and waiting!!
  • careful immense ... she'll have you testing on Friday too :lol:
  • Test Saturday K.

    ps K - saw your wedding photos and they are absolutely gorgeous.
  • I am NOT testing on Friday deputygibbon!! I have willpower!! lol!!
  • Hi immense I have will power too! Just re-thought my cycle, and realised Friday should be late enough. If bfn will test again, in a couple of days, if af doesn't show.

    Sorry to leave you testing on Saturday, but I think there are still some with you! image xx
  • Fair enough - I was only joking anyway!! And yes, I believe there are others with me!! lets hope iot is good for us!! xx
  • Have my fingers permanently crossed at the moment! :/)
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