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Was wondering what supplements you and OHs were taking when you got your BFP? Have been taking folic acid but wondered if you would recommend any particular brand or taking anything other than just folic acid. Also if it made a difference for OH to take anything?


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  • im taking sanatogan pronatal, hubby was on seven seas cod liver oil with multi vits, zinc and soluble vit c.

  • Thanks discodiva

  • hiya i used pregnacare and i still am, when i was trying i used agnus castus and evening primrose oil seems to have done the trick
  • the month i got my bfp i was taking epo and dh was taking garlic tablets (odourless). hope that helps mrs ross

  • Thanks lilyrose and kar1234

    Just had BFN and so want to try and increase chances for next month
  • Thanks JB - will have a look in the health food shops too image
  • i have been taking sanatogen pronatal with the omega 3 capsules as well since december. DH takes cod liver oil and vit c with zinc anyway. we got BFP start of April

    good luck xxxx
  • Thank you all for your answers - af has just arrived and so confirmed that this is not our month. image
  • i have been taking sanatogen pronatal and the omega 3 but also been a bit hit and miss if remembered. Remembering every day now. OH did nothing different.
    I did follow sperm meets egg plan this month and took the robitusin cough syrup.
  • This month I got my BFP and it was the first month I felt really relaxed. I cut out caffeine and alcohol completely and took folic acid only. I have tried the Zita West supplements and various other things but not sure they really help. Oh I also had one session of acupuncture at the time of ovulation. Good luck! x
  • I have been taking sanatogen pronatal and omega 3 for months now I have just got my BFP x
  • I was only taking pronatal (without omega as its cheaper and you only need the omega in the last trimester for brain dev). OH takes vit c sometimes to keep colds away but not to boost fertility.
    Hope next month is better for you.
  • I was (and am) taking Pregnacare, and up to ovulation I was taking agnus castus and epo. Hubby wasn't taking anything.

  • Thanks for your help - now have Sanatogen Pro Natal and centrum for hubbie

    Will let you know if it works image

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