She got me early!!!

Well im pink/brown spotting since about 10am.....this is the first time ever my af has started like this....dont even feel sad about i think deep down part of me didnt want to be pg this month incase i mc'ed again...have the spealist in 5days so really want some anwsers!!! Onwards and upwards to month 16, and i bought myself a clearblue fertility monitor off ebay to cheer myself up...july will be MY month, its my bday on the 31st....and my cycle is 34 days...omg im due on, on my bday....damn it i HAVE to get a bfp now!!! kim xxxxxxxx image image


  • Sorry she found you - although I can see why it is a relief to you in a way! Fingers crossed next month is a sticky one xx
  • sorry she found you but a bfp on your birthday would be the best present ever!! My birthday is in November so i hope i don't have to wait that long!
  • Oh no! Kim Im so sorry she found you. But as you say it may work out for the best as now you can demand som answers when you see your specialist.

    Hope that monitor and the specialist work some magic and you get your bfp next month! You WILL NOT have af turning up uninvited to your birthday party! :evil: Get the bouncers ready!! :lol:

    Good luck hunny, ***********babydust********** xxx

  • Sorry to hear she got you too - she's been a bugger with loads of us today!

    Sending lots of pma and sticky babydust


  • sorry she found you. but as the girls said a bfp on your birthday would be fab. hoping you get you bfp next month along with everyone else she seems to have caught early this
  • sorry its not your month Kim, hope you do get your BFP for your birthday. Hope that monitor helps. As long as you have your PMA you'll be fine xxx

  • sorry to hear she found you - she seems to have found a few people early this month. maybe she is fitting some people in before she goes on her holidays for 9 months??
    i honestly have a good feeling about bfps in july for us image

    big hugs hun, lots of pma. xxxxxxx
  • Hey girlies, thanx for all your fab msgs...not sure if its right to so excited on cd1 but i am!! I know why i was feeling so down the past few days, more a fear that i WAS pg this month...couldnt handle another mc, feel relieved af is here!!! Now i know in a few days my tests will start and the next time i have m bfp (yes there will ne a nxt time!!!) il have the white coats on speed dial!!!! Bring it on i say, cant wait to use the working out lines and trying to bd, so no more stress either!!! Thanx again girls, your support means tons..and SB im hoping after 3strikes like u, my next one is here to stay image xxxxxxxxxx p.s mrs_e il hold u to that image
  • Now that i would love to see!! Youd get me out no trouble...the amount of pg sticks, ov sticks and pma being thrown their way they wouldnt stand a chance! image
  • Good luck for the next month mate x
  • she found me early too kim, the old witch! i am determind to try really hard bding this next month in order to keep her away!! xx
  • Oh hun sorry the biatch got u but like i said this morning hopefully this will put u in the best position 4 tests next week as you'll be able to have bloods at all the right times and hopefully get some answers!!!!
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