Hi Girlies,

Thought I would share my fab news with you guys as we are not telling anyone and it is driving me mad!!!!!

This is month 5 of ttc and I really didn't think we had done it this month - normally I am desperate to test at least 5 days before af is due but was so scared that it would be a BFN and I knew I would just sit and cry that I put if off - finally gave in yesterday as OH told me he thought we were, and it was a BIG FAT POSITIVE, think I am still in shockimage

Following on suit from a few of you girlies thought I would share my symptoms as I know how much I read these on the other BFP posts. In summary they have been the same as every other month, which have all lead to AF Symptoms, headaches, moodiness/tearful, cramps, sickly feeling all the usual the only different is something my OH pointed out to me - since last week I have been shattered and going to bed quite abit earlier than normal -never picked up on myself - but girlies get your OH o the look out.

Good luck to you all on the 2wk wait and those trying for the valentine's bambino


p.s Now I'm scared!!!!



  • Congrats honey i am so pleased for you image Here is too a fab 9 months enjoy every bit of itimage

  • wow congratualtions you must be so excited, dont be scared its a wonderful experience!
    Will you be having a valentines bub? Im hoping we will if we concieve this month x x
  • Many congratulations milton, that's fab news!!! I'm sure you'll be fine in the Jan forum ... go on, take a peek!!!! I'm looking forward to feeling scared to death when i get my bfp, cos at least it will mean i have a bfp!! lol

  • Congratulations hun, I'm on cycle 5 and would love to make a post like yours soon. Wow it must have been a shock as your symptoms are af symptoms too, how lovely for you both. Have a H & H 9 months x
  • Yay! Huge congratulations to you and OH! Have a very happy and healthy pregnancy, hope to be joining you soon! Take Care xxx
  • That is wonderful news - big congratulations. Thanks for giving us your symptoms - they have increased my pma this month, as I am on my 2 week wait.

    Have a healthy 9 months - woohoo!!
  • Congratulations, hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy!! Pleased about the headaches and moodiness( not for you of course!!) cos I've been like that this week so you have boosted my PMA. xx
  • hi. ive just kinda joined in ttc. we not starting till end of june but just wanted to say huge congrats and heres to a happy 9
  • Congratulations - have a healthly 9 months

  • Congratulations! and thankyou for sharing your symptoms, I've been getting the tired earlier than usual thing and feeling sicky but they can be AF symptoms too so just keeping fingers crossed.

    Have a happy and healthy nine months! xxx
  • Thanks you all for your lovely kind messages, it never stops amazing me how fabulous all your girlies are on here - wishing you all lots of baby dust, will keep popping back to check how your all doing as not quite brave enough to move over to the Jan forum just yet
  • Yay, congratulations. Fab news
  • wooooooooooohoooooooooooo!!!!!
  • Well done sweetie, congratulations to you and your oh xx
  • Many congrats! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy x x
  • Congratulations - see you in the jan forum x
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