FAO *me*

Hey hun, just wondering how you're doing?!?! If you're still about?!?!

How was the wedding? I got married 2 weeks ago too and it was amazing image

Any news on MPP? xxx


  • ahhhh! i missed you! lol. wedding was amazing ta, mpp is still ttc, as am i, been 6 months now lol, u must be getting a bump goin now? have u had ur scans?

    it really is the best day of ur life isnt it!? i loved every minute! really im hope im out of here this month tho! even tho everyone is lovely, just wanna be pg now! lol x
  • ooo and mpp has a new job to start soon!
  • Hey Becky, I wondered why we hadnt heard from you, then remembered about ya wedding
    Hope you had a lovely day, would love to see some pics :\)

    Im good, got a new job so had to put TTC on hold till i get start date. Finally bought myself a CBFM on ebay but still waiting for it image
    Havent got round to the acupuncture yet hehe

    Hows bump?

  • G/C Beckywoo congrats on becoming a MRS I too would love to see some pics??

  • Hi ladies!

    There's some pics on FB if you want to look there? Not figured out how to get them on here yet sorry!!!

    Bump is getting big now, I must look 7 months pg instead of 19 weeks! Everyone keeps commenting on how big I am which is a bit annoying. I think I've been feeling a few movements too, it's either that or wind ha ha!!! We've got our 20 week scan on Tuesday so nervous and excited about that.

    Sorry you're both still here *me* and MPP. Just try to stay positive I guess and remember it takes on average a year so there's nothing to worry about. Good Luck with the CBFM MPP I've heard great stories about those. Also Pre-seed I've heard great things about. Keep me posted with it, the DID girls are lovely but I miss you!!!

    And many congrats to you SD what fantastic news, I know you've had a time of it so I'm really pleased for you xxxxx
  • lol its great that ur big tho, nice healthy bubba i hope image im amiee last on fb if u wanna dd me, or i can find ya?

    yay! 20 weeks how exctiting for the scan.....*looks at calendar* o thats today! woooop! how did u get on? did u wanna find out the sex? or keeping ti a suprise? love love love xxxxxx
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