How long

did it take for those of u that have recently gotten BFP to get it? As in how many months were you trying for x


  • It was on my fourth month Hun, but doc said that's quite quick. Babydust x x x
  • Hi huni,

    I got my first BFP after 3 months but sadly that ended in mc at xmas.

    I had 2 AF's after the bleeding finally stopped and then got my 2nd BFP - I am 10 weeks tomorrow image

    Stay positive!
    MrsH and little pud xxx
  • thanks for your replies! We are on month 2 so not long I know. Trying so hard not to get stressed about it. Am due AF Thurs and have a feeling we havnt done it this month. Have been trying to chart OV but i really dont know where I am at and am basing my AF being due next Thurs on a 28 day cycle xx
  • Hi it took us 10-11months to get a bfp but we lost our little bean 5weeks ago hoping to cath very soon though.x
  • ah im sorry to here that jay. Good luck to you hun x
  • Hi
    I was TTCing for a year (once AF restarted after being on DEPO injection for 2.5 years - which took nearly a year!).
    Got my BFP in Feb (I'n DIN and now 16 wks). It took me a long time to work out when I was actually ovulating as the cheapy poas OPKS from ebay never gave me a positive result. I ended up getting a CBFM from ebay and got my BFP on the first month of using it. My cycles were often irregular so this really helped me to know when the "right" time to BD like bunnies was!
    However I'm 33 so felt like I had to take control of things a bit. If I had been younger I'd have probably tried temping or charting CM etc.

    Good luck to everyone

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