so, not feeling any better today :(

it gets worse. Now have had flu for 3 days and am fed up, havent been outside in ages (not that i can its raining image) but its so annoying that i cant breath right or anything.

I bite the bullet and tested early. I am on CD26/27 but to be honest i felt pregnant and so was fully expecting a big bfp... but didnt get one. I know its early and probs isnt gonna happen but its making me feel worse as i havent taken any meds because of it. So i took flu meds. ARGH. I am hoping my AF doesnt show this weekend so i can retake but i feel terrible now.

I need my chocolate, where did i leave it???


  • I know the feeling hun!

    I've had a cough and sore throat on and off for nearly a month. It came back Monday with a vengence (sp?) and a full on cold. On top of that AF is in and i have spots, feel bloaty and have the hugest headache! I'm sure my head is going to explode all over my desk!! :\(

    Chin up though, hopefully you will get your BFP soon. In the meantime go find your chocolate. I'm going to treat myself to a cream egg :\)
  • I had 2 of those yummy thing the other day, cheered me up a lot. I think theres some 'orrid buy going around my area, most of hubbie's colleagues have it image

    I dont do ill, i am incapable of being a good patient, poor hubbie.

    Oh well, gonna catch up on desperate hosuewives on 4OD. Good plan i think.
  • yummers, i have eaten 3/4 of my chocolate, its rubbish lol.

    Hubby is on another late so have the night to ponder my poorliness and not so certain pregnant-ness
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