would i be silly to test at 12 dpo??

hey ladies
exactly as the question asks. i'm goin out of my mind but am i being stupid??

help needed please, i'll be 12 dpo 2mw, so thought about testing with fmu

han x


  • You can try sweetie, but don't be too sad if its a bfn! Fingers crossed if you do try tomorrow! xxx
  • if your going to test early yu might be lucky and get a + result. but if your dont get a + you will be a little deflated and will also have to retest in 2 days unless your period arrives first. if it was me though, i would test early!!!!
  • haha, thanks berly, that made me laugh,
    i really don't know what to do, i need to stop bloody thinking about it!!!!!!!
    may have to ask hubby to hide the test
  • i did this and got a BFN and felt quite low so am now just going to wait to see if AF arrives, but the temptation to test is just too great! i am weak!
  • i'm really weak today, never been bothered any other month but this month is breakin me!!!
    had so many symptoms but know that don't mean s%*t. had sore boobs to point i nearly cried (thats gone now) had cramps from 8dpo, had headache and back ache for last 2 days, and feel like af is on her way but that been goin on and off since 8dpo

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrr. its doin my head in, think i need to go and do something and stop thinking about it
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