Am i weird???????

Well i was shopping the other day and saw a 2010 diary and i had a thought. I bought the diary and since using the CBFM i have been writing on my calendar any symptoms and when i get my high, peak and low again.

Sooo in the notes bit of the diary i have done my October and November symptoms etc. And as the diary started from Xmas day i have decided each day to write what cycle day i am on, any symptoms, CM etc. I thought this would be a good way to keep track of everything and have an interesting read for the doc in 2011 if nothing happens in 2010!!!
I have also printed a wish off and put it in my diary tucked away at the back and i am hoping that it will come true!!!!

The things we do just because we want that bambino eh???



  • Ha ha Tink that made me lmao well nothing like being prepared hun.

    I just wanted to say thank you for the FAO thread but your dream didnt come true altho I have been having a funny af this month I have given up the goat and onto MONTH 2 full steam ahead as of tonight woo hoo.........

    You are weird lol but I love ya ha ha xx
  • I have been writing a few things on the calender I have hanging in the bedroom, h2b did ask what 1 abbreviation meant...funny enough he hasn't asked since :lol:
    It's a great idea for keeping track of things though! x
  • Tink hun I think you are very weird... But we wouldn't have you any other way image

    I actually put everything in a notebook and on the calendar on the laptop :lol: x
  • I have a notebook too, note the days we BD, what CD I'm on and also any thoughts that I have. It's actually really nice to read back every now and then - and give me hope that one day soon I get to write BFP in there. Like Huni says, its a great idea.
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