Well it seems im back after my lovely break in DID!

Hi ladies, most of you will probably remember me. I miraculously fell pregnant using the withdrawal method about 4 weeks ago now. It seems I've mc'd. I've written my story in the DID forum for anyone who wnats to read but as I'm on my phone I can't copy and paste and its so long lol.

Anyhow, as soon as the horrific bleeding and pains have stopped we're hoping to get straight back to ttc. So I hope I don't have to hang around here long, as lovely as you all are. I'm a little nervous as so many doctors have told me over the last week how common mc's are. I can't go through this again, but I don't want to let this stop me trying for a beautiful baby.

Wish me luck ladies...!


  • Lady2188, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you recover OK and that you will get a sticky bean very soon.
    (((((HUGS))))) xxxx
  • Sorry to hear your sad news. Look after yourself. It will happen x
  • So sorry to hear ur news hun, sending u lots of hugs and sticky baby dust for next time! X
  • So sorry hun for your loss, take care and hope next time you get a very sticky bean, cant even begin to imagine how you are feeling but your right you just have to keep trying and the end result will be worth all the pain and suffering.

  • sorry to hear about this, take care of yourself and the chnaces of it happening again to you are quite slim so I'm sure you'll get a sticky bean xx
  • So sorry to hear of your loss sweetie. I truely hope your not here for long xx
  • xx

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  • sorry to hear this hun, it must be awful but your right u have to keep on with it and then it will all be worth it when you see your little angel xx big hugs to u xx
  • Sorry to hear that hun xx Hope youre not with us for long and you never know you might get a Jan or Feb baby instead xx
  • Aw im ss to hear of your loss. I wish you all the luck with your next BFP, which you will hopefully get soon. :\). Yes it is so shocking how common they are.

    Take care
  • I was also in DID lady, I am so sorry for you hun I know what you're going through. I have seen so many wonderful stories on her hun and I love this thread over ttc after mc as I get so depressed reading over and over what happend with me from diff people. Stick with us hun you'll get your bfp! You can read my story by clicking on my other posts, it's there somewhere along with all my ranting and nuttiness but hey that's why we come here right, who else will listen!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    And finally sticky baby dust coming at you xx
  • Sorry to hear of your loss I really hope you get your BFP soon


    Mrs Cake
  • So sorry to hear of your loss, good luck getting your BFP soon H x
  • oh so sorry to hear of ur loss. i'm was also a DID but MC on the 18th of April, so i know how u feel. it is so heartbreaking and i'm still finding it hard but i KNOW i will get threw it just like u will.

    best of luck TTC sending u lots of sticky baby dust.

  • Thanks for the support ladies! I know there were so many tragic stories like mine in DID. I tend to nose around in other due in forums and i can't remember any having as many ladies having to leave as DID.

    Your right Missy Moo, we'll get through it. I had a good cry and talk with my OH last night and i feel a lot better today. I feel much closer to him as a result of what we've gone through and i know our next baby couldn't be more wanted! It certainly makes you realise just how precious a baby is!

    Just need to stop bleeding now so we can try again! (Sorry tmi).

    I'm guessing you've gone straight into ttc again? People keep telling me i should wait for hormones to settle etc, but i feel that i want to try again as soon as physically possible. Is this safe? Emotionally and physically?
  • Im so sorry to hear of your loss. I can't imagine what you must be going through. Good luck and hopefully (in the nicest way) I hope we don't see you here for long xx



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