Feeling PMA......

Well after all that has been going on lately i am now getting some PMA!!

I am on CD34 of first mth after withdrawal bleed from pill. Had TONS of PG symptoms last 3 wks and on monday the most horrendous cramps and nausea - was sure the witch was on her way as have only had BFN on tests!!

However I still haven't seen her and all the pain and nausea has gone!!

Here's hoping............


  • Good luck immense, you never know, it aint over till af arrives but just remember if its the first month off pill your cycles could be a little irregular. Hope you get your BFP.
  • good luck hope you get a bfp, glad you have some PMA too!! xxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks slow - I am definitely not getting hopes up as I know things can go haywire for a while - but there is always the chance cos she hasn't arrived!! I would ideally like to get BFP by September so will be ok until then either way!!

    If she hasn't arrive by June then I may go and see docs to check everythings ok!
  • Thanks fiona86 - bring on the PMA!
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