sunday blues....

Hi Girls

Got a big case of sunday blues today - no real reason why, think I'm driving hubby mad, but just feeling really down image

Anyone got a cure?



  • Chocolate??? image

    Know what you mean, im dreading going back to work tomorrow, its the same every sunday nite lol. Especially now ive got my bfp dont know how im gonna keep it quiet lol!!

  • Hi *fergy*

    How about chocolate? ;\)

    Hubby & I just shared a box of Lily O'Brian's chocolate collection and it felt great (but naughty)! lol

    Hope you're feeling better in a bit x
  • hmmm, will try choc later. My skin is doing my head in with spots from hormones though and hubby is a very healthy eater so I can never really indulge without feeling guilty. But maybe I'll just go for it lol

    thanks for your replies xxx
  • Can I join you with the Sunday blues!!

    AF found me this morning, and I'm suffering with my skin too, so I had a whole bar of chocolate this afternoon to make myself feel better!!

  • I'm another one with the blues.... tested as af didnt appear today and BFN. Gutted and wish I hadn't bothered poas. I too need to try and pick myself up... AGAIN! x
  • How about a huge >>>>?

  • Good idea! Lets make it a huuuuuge big group hug for all of us with the Sunday blues!

    We had a lovely candlelit dinner and are now quite satisfied and not feeling too low about going back to work in the morning. The 'blues' will prob hit us again in the morning when the alarm goes off though! lol
  • Mmmmmmmm, lily o'brien chocolates are soooo good. yum!
    I hate 'sunday night feeling' as i call it but once monday comes it usually isn't as bad as you imagine but until then chocolate is definitely the way forward. hehe
  • sending hugs hun.xxxxx

    chocolate sounds like a great idea to me. although i just had a great big slice of cake and cup of tea and that went down really
  • ((((((((hugs))))))

    sometimes its better during the week when you're busy.

    Have a bubbley bath and some chocs!!

    x x x
  • I'm about to indulge in choc cake and a cuppa tea to take my sunday blues away! But the huge hugs are helping!!

    No AF (4 days late and no havent tested) but have MAJOR cramps - totally unusual for me (never ever have them, very lucky!) but I just know AF is gonna come...told myself not to get my hopes up but I did...hence the choc cake I made! Looks a mess (ds wouldn't leave me alone when I was making it, wanted to play with teh bowl!) but tastes yum.

    Hugs to all xxx
  • Sorry, double post x

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  • Hi girlies can I join? I'm a teacher so spend most of Sunday doing work but then by time I pack up it feels like Sunday is over!!! Garfield I'm with you am also four days late based on 28day cycle but this is my first true month as stopped pill just after Christmas. Tested yesterday but bfn now feel like af is imminent. image
    ps Sunday hugs to all
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