hey has anyone got /had almost like period pains after ovultion.. i have been getting these slight twinges since i ovulated, not sure what it is? should i go see a gp or do you think its normal


  • Have you had them pretty much straight after ov or after a week or so?
  • i have! glad someone else is the same! its so annoying! like pulling/strecthing feeling??? also my nipples really hurt! tmi! only came off the pill 2 weeks ago so im thinkin its a mixture of OV and coming off xxx
  • I had some yesterday but im due on on Thursday so not sure whats going on really x Havent had any other symptoms tho! xx
  • I have some cramps going on today but I'm about 6-7 DPO, and I had the same with my DD so it sounds good. If it's straight after ov I wouldn't think it's pregnancy related.
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