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Hi girls.....

Im only on CD2 of 1st mth of ttc my 3rd baby, just wondered if any of u had been on microgynon 30 contraceptive pill b4 u ttc and how long u hve been trying if so??

thanks in advance x


  • didn't want to r&r, i had to stop my pill 2yrs ago as i got dvts! so i wouldn't know how long it would take, sorry xx i had a non hormonal iud coil in, removed it last month so am now waiting to test around the 27th xx
  • hi hols 81, we are currently ttc number 1. we are in our second month, af due on monday. I was on the same pill as you for 6 years, I came off it in October with the aim of ttc in October this year and having time to make sure cycles were back to normal etc. but we brought ttc forward a bit. hope your cycles go bk quickly and u get your bfp x
  • im not expecting it 2 happen straight away, just wondered how pill affected ya, cant remember with my other 2 kids lol
  • my cycles went straight back to 28 days, with the exception of one at 29 days, so i have been really lucky. i dont think it would have delayed ttc because of this x
  • ok hun, i wanted 2 lose a bit of weight b4 i fell yet knowing my luck ill fall sytraight away! lol just remembered it took me 6months with my DD and 2months with my DS but they hve diff dads, and so will this 1 so i suppose it all depends on the little swimmers lol.....i went asda 2day and brought folic acid it says take y trying 2 concieve and till im 12wks preg so im doing tht hehe xx
  • yeah im taking folic acid too, just hoping we get our bfp soon! never thought I would want kids and since we got married I have been so broody. fingers crossed he has good swimmers!
  • lol thanks hun and good luck 2 u 2 xxx :\)
  • how old are your first two? I think I would like two kids but hubby is pretty set on just having one. i guess time will tell x
  • hi,

    my daughter is 8 and my son will be 5 in july....i thought i was done with 2 but my clock is tickin again lol
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