Feeling Very Jealous!!

Ladies I need someone to shake me!!
OH just text to tell me that one of his best mates is expecting a baby!
I would usually be so happy to hear this news but I felt really sick reading the text!!
Just feels like everyone around me is expecting, sister, 2 work frirnds, OH friend even my gym instructor was showing off her bump today!!
I want it to be me!!!
Is anyone else feeling the same?

Ok sulk over now!!
Just needed to get it off my chest, no one knows we are TTC so can't moan to anyone else!
Thanks for reading!


  • i'm the same, it just seems that now we're ttc, babies stare, there's twice as many regnant women around and everyone i seem to know is becoming pregnant. Maybe i'm just more aware, who know's but it doesn't help me from feeling angry!

    So your not alone! image x
  • thanks TTC2009
    good to know I'm not the only one feeling down about it!!
    Need to find my PMA as will be OV in next couple of days and sure this mood wont help TTC!!
    here's to our BFP soon - then people will be jealous of us!! ;o)
  • Yeah I know what you mean. I'm happy for everyone, but best friend has recently had a baby, other best friend is pg, plus 3 work colleagues! lol xx
  • fingers crossed to all of us image x
  • DEFINATLY!!!! Two of me collegues are prg and i work in a drs surgery, so i'm surrounded by prg people all the time. I'M SO JEALOUS!!!! GGGRRRR
  • yeah feeling the same x
  • I wen't to see my friend and her two day old baby today.

    I'm green with envy.

    So jealous, he was so cute, I had cuddles!
  • Pregnant women and newborns are everywhere when you're TTC aren't they!!! Even all the celebs seem to be announcing pregnancies at the moment. A very good friend of mine who I met at antenatal classes with my first is just over 3 months pregnant with her second and everytime I see her I get a twinge of jealousy - even though I am really really happy for her!
  • My friends all seem to be announcing that they are pregnant. I'm getting married at the end of May and I'm going to be surrounded by pregnant mates.

    I'm so jealous...

  • I so remember that envious feeling but I'm afraid I have bad news - even once you have a LO, you still get jealous when other people annouce their pregnancy or show off a lovely bump! (or at least, I do) - I am jealous as HELL of other peoples' bumps! And I also read all your TTC posts wistfully and wish I could join you. Good luck all, hope it happens for you soon.
  • i get a little down about it i wouldnt say jealous,i just think you dont no what troubles they had been to to get their BFP,i sometimes feel bad mentioning Lennon here as im lucky to have him already and think everyone will be like yeah but you already have 1 what do you know how i feel xx
  • I know what you ladies mean, my sisiter had 3 miscarriages when trying for her second and she said it was so much worse cos she knew how amazing it was to have fre first little girl.

    Congrats to TTC2009 on her BFP this morning. xxxx
  • I do hate the warmer weather beacuse then all the bumps show even more image
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