I'm Back Already :cry:

Hi all

Been to the Dr's tonight after a chem pregnancy and basically she wouldnt confirm I was pregnant and said it was too early to tell but I started to spot on tues and then am bleeding now and it comes out like a period so I guess its over before it began really

She was ok with me but said that its possible I was never pregnant?? :\? so i asked about the BFP and faint lines and she said I cant give you an answer as to why your getting faint lines.

Anyway I did ovulate as my CD35 bloods showed a good progesterone level, however the month before I did not ovulate so she wants me to continue trying and go for my next CD35 tests at the end of this month and she said if i get 2 out of 3 ovulations then everything is normal.

I am gutted its not great news but can maybe take comfort in the fact i can conceive, but she wouldnt confirm that for me. I said well dont normal non pregnant women have a hcg level of 5 or less and she said their labs only confirm over a hcg level of 25. When I got back off hol I felt sick and dizzy and had a bit of heatstroke maybe this was why it never sticked. I guess I will never know but am not going to beat myself up about it.

Also Dr said because I was bleeding no point re-checking my levels, never offered me a hcg blood test or nothing I was just dismissed and told to relax and it will happen :roll:

Back to practicising!! image



  • Oh SD I'm so sorry, it sounds like your doctor was abit abrupt too :\(

    How do they expect you to know when you're definitely pregnant if you constantly get these faint lines? Surely they should look into that?

    How are you feeling? Your post sounds quite upbeat but I'm sure you are devastated.

    Is this onto month 6 for you now? Are you going to try anything new?

    I'm really sorry again, I thought you had left us for good (in the nicest possible way!) x
  • oh babe so sorry to hear this image

    hope you can get back on track soon and get that BFP that will stick for good xxx
  • Month 7 now Goonie and to make matters worse I got told to wait until a week past my longest cycle so I have to wait 56 days before I can even test!!

    Sucks when you want something so badly, I wanted them to test my hcg level again to see if it went down then I would have known but she dismissed it and said no point getting worked up over something that wasnt confirmed in the first place!!

    Am angry and confused, one min I thought I was pregnant had a line and next am bleeding and back at the docs...........so unfair but I will push on and get there in the end.

    She cant say why am getting bfps on tests and i argued about tests being able to measure 10 m/lu and said if i naturally have high hcg then am always going to get a faint line or on sd tests a visible one as they are super sensitive. Her response to that was to wait a week passed a missed AF and then test.

    Fair enough but we are all impatient arent we when you know something is missing AF it triggers you to test.

  • I feel angry for you too, it doesn't sound like she offered much compassion.

    56 days is a long time, are you going to use OPK's or anything to give you a better idea of when you might be due?

    I really hope this is your month, I'm on month 7 too so lets hope its lucky! x
  • I hope so hun, I honestly feel like I havent got the energy to keep going through this. I feel like am going insane but I know I had lines well you all seen at least one of them.

    It was the same doc who told me to relax and she would investigate so think she was bit miffed I went back but the hcg test freaked me out a bit. I have looked on the net and says a non pregnant woman has a hcg level of less than 5 normally 2.

    It also says hcg could range from 18 - 7000 from 3 -5 weeks pregnant but mine didnt double hence the negative CBD's have wasted so much money too on tests.

    I am going to relax and forget about it this month, never used an opk last month hun have stopped using them will just do the smep plan again.

    Fingers crossed we both get BFPs infact we ALL get BFP's and clear TTC for good he he

  • hey SD, im so sorry about the difficult time you have been having and unfortunatley know all to well how empty the loss leaves you feeling inside.
    even if the doctor says you may never have been pregnant they do not understand, you are still going to feel loss because your tests said you were pregant so as a women you feel you have lost your baby.
    im not very good with words at times like this but i hope your hubby is looking after you well, we are all here for you. take care of yourself xxx
  • hey there....
    im really sorry to hear about what you have just been through.
    i hope you get a BFP soon and a sticky bean.

  • Aww im soo sorry to read about all you have been through lately.
    Fingers crossed that you get your bfp soon xx
  • Oh hun,

    I so sorry that it wasnt meant to be,your dr sounds like a piece of work just what you want at a time like this.

    lots of love s.w xx
  • I'm so sorry to read this hun, sending big (((((hugs)))) and I hope you get some great news very soon sweetie xx
  • Hi hun, I'm so sorry this has happened. I really thought this was it for you. Your doctor needs some lessons in bedside manner. I don't care if she says you may never have been pregnant, you got a BFP and you will grieve your loss and you are entitled to do so. Don't let her make you feel as though your feelings are rational.

    Good luck this cycle, I really hope you do it this month - hopefully you will be super fertile now! xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Sorry you've had to come back over here. As lovely as you ladies are it feels horrible to have to come back over from pg doesn't it?!

    Hope you get a super sticky BFP really soon!

    Here's to due in March image !!
  • Really hope you get your BFP soon. I think relaxing does help as we kinda forgot about as I was really tired - lots of horrid nights with Lily not sleeping that month and busy at work. We only did it twice that month and I had 2 or 3 BFNs on TESCO tests so I dismissed it then no AF, tested again and BFP.

    Hopefully see you in pregnancy next month. xx
  • OH SD that sucks! So sorry hun xx
    Well dont forget the golden girls are still here for you xx
  • SD really sorry to hear your sad news. I agree that your doctor sounds like she needs a refresher course in bedside manner. Please allow yourself time to grieve as regardless of what the doc thinks, you have lost all the hopes and dreams that come with a BFP at the very least.

    I wish you lots of luck in the future and hope you get a super sticky bean very soon xxx
  • o hunnie im so sorry docs are really naff they dont appreciate what it like waiting for that bfp and then to see it and then have our dreams blown away by them dismissing it.... at least u have positive sign it can happen sweetie and it defo will again very very soon huge hugs and fingers crossed it will ..... xxx
  • Thanks Brammer to be honest have been left feeling confused by it all am still getting crampy pains/feeling of lots of cm, cm is yellowy colour but what do I make of it all??

    Done a FRER yesterday avo and not a hint of a line so at least I know its not pregnancy

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