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Please can any recent bfps share there symptoms x

Hi ladies and huge congratulations on your recent bfps!!
I was just wondering if you would mind sharing your your early pregnancy symptoms with us ladies in waiting. Did you have implantation bleed, did you get negative tests before your positives?? Thank you so much xxxx


  • Hi there. I got my BFP Sunday week ago. I was convinced I was not pregnant as my cycle was all messed up and thought we had bd'd at the wrong time.
    I had been getting af pains for a week and thought I was late. I had been testing but all BFN so realised then I must have been having a longer cycle than normal.
    The last neg test I did was on the thursday (no idea what DPO). Then all day Sat I had stabbing pains in my womb. I do get this now and again when not pregnant but if I coughed or moved suddenly it hurt. I remembered this from before so did a test on the sunday morning and BFP.

    I usually get very hungry just before BFP but didnt this time.

    That was the only symptoms I had. Af pains and stabbing/shooting pains.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • Thank you hun, i really think im out for this month as ive been having pinky/brownish cm since 7dpo and still have it today at 10dpo!! AF is due fri/sat so i know shes on the way! I really could have believed that this was my month as ive had terrible heartburn since 7dpo, slight sicky feeling in the pit of my stomache but its highly unlikely so i wont go on kidding myself anymore!! Thanks for your reply hun and i wish you all the best with your pregnancy! xxx
  • hi, i jut got my bfp yesterday ...i have been falling asleep every day for wee afternoon nap whenever possible, have had af like cramps for a few weeks instead of my usual which is just a couple days, sore boobs and thats about it really...apart from that i just feel normal...

    the med im on makes me tired allot so i am used to having naps now and then....just not this often, and sore boobs i thouhgt maybe just period coming....i had loads of negs and only yesterday got a +ve.xx
  • Congratulations laura and thank you so much for sharing your symptoms! I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy! xxx
  • Hi hun,

    I had an implantation bleed from 6 dpo for 10 days! It turned bright red at first and i though AF had come at 6 dpo! I was gutted! But the next morning it had gone back to brown.

    I tested at 9 dpo and got a very faint BFP but 10 dpo was much stronger. After that i noticed very very sore nipples and also having to wake up in the night for a drink.

    I don't think tiredness hit me until about 14 dpo but now i'm whacked all the time from the second i get up to the second i go back to bed i could just sleep on a washing line!

    Really hope you get your BFP!

  • Wow, i bet you were really confused during your 2ww Lady2188!!!
    Thanks that has given me a bit of pma!! Only time will tell now! xxx
  • Extreme tiredness (and I mean extreme!).

    Tender boobies.


    Loss of appetite.

    Slight increase in booby size (noticeable 'cos they are usually so weeny!).

    Strong af-type cramps.

    Got positive on ClearBlue last Friday, 3+weeks.

    tons of luck and babydust to you, hope you get a BFP! :\)

  • Thank you loki and congratulations!!
    You must be over the moon, good luck xxx
  • Ooo this thread is keeping me sane haha. I'm over in infertility but I'm currently on Clomid a fertility drug. I'm CD20 today and I'm shattered- wanting to go back to sleep a couple of hours after waking up and keep falling asleep in the afternoon, I've had af type cramps for the last 2 weeks and lots of niggling ovary pains. I've gone off my food except chocolate. And I've had lots of (tmi) watery cm. My boobs have started to feel itch and hot too. I've started testing with cb digital which is probably too early but we'll see. I think a lot of my symptoms could be caused by the clomid but it's good to see other ppl having similar experiences. I have my day 21 blood test tomorrow to see if I've ovulated.

    H&H 9 mths to all you ladies and your bumps and good luck and babydust debbie mc- I've been foloowing your threads and have similar symptoms xx
  • Hiya,

    I'm now 7+5 but the day I got my BFP I thought I was out cos as soon as I peed on the stick I wiped and there was some brown blood. There was a faint line though. I did continue to bleed for a few days but the line got stronger. From about 5 weeks I have been feeling quite sick too, not horrendously but enough to make me long for the second trimester!

    So not really much in the way of symptoms, in my last pregnancy I got sore boobs and acne on my back in the very early days so this preg seems to be completely different! hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Hi debbiemc- i got my BFP this morning and the main reason that i tested was because i thought i was due on over the next few days and my temperature has kept going up instead of down!
    Also, on Sunday I felt like i had a stitch in the side of my lower tummy just above my hip and Im presuming this may have been implantation?!
    I've had slightly sore nipples too, but I usually get that just before AF is due to arrive.

    Hope you get your BFP soon xxx
  • Awww Hope watery cm is also one of my symptoms i forgot to mention! And lots of it! Which is lovely!

    Good luck ladies!!

  • I got my bfp on friday just gone and the symptoms I had were:


    cramping earlier and for longer than usual in my cycle

    really tender and sore boobies - this was the main give away

    also had lots of extra cm

    hope you get your bfp soon sending tons of babydust your way xx
  • Thank you so much for your good wishes, i wish you all happy healthy pregnancys! xxx
  • hi,

    when i fell pregnant with my ds, who is now 2, i took an early pg test about 4 days before i was due and it came up negative, so i assumed i had not fallen pg. a few days later i was out for dinner with friends and after a glass of wine i started to feel really dizzy, light headed and really hot!! the next day (the day my af was actually due) i felt like af was arriving and thought nothing more of it. over the next few days i continued to feel light headed, and very very thirsty. when af was 4 days late i tested again and it was postive, and came up in just a couple of seconds.

    good luck!!! and dont be fooled by early pg tests!!!

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