Help! CBFM question

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you ladies using CBFM could help me out as mine is behaving strangely. Last month it asked me to POAS on Day 6 and then got my first high on Day 9- through to days 14 and 15 when I got my peaks. After that it stopped asking me to POAS which from reading the instructions seems right. This month, it started asking me to POAS a bit later (Day 9) and didn't pick up my highs until Day 13- got highs right through and then peaks on day 19 and 20. Since then, it's kep asking me to POAS and now am on Day 24??? Every morning it still comes up as low but want to check whether this is normal as didn't happen last month.




  • Hi Maddy

    It will ask in groups of 10, so because you went into your 2nd lot of 10.. it will keep asking unitl you have peed on 20 sticks this cycle

  • broody is right although after your first peak there is no need to keep POAS you can just put a used one in as its automatic and doesnt read the sticks after your peak so save them x
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