Ovulation and Chemical pregnancy

Hi ladies

just a quick question really as i am little confused.

I went to the Dr this week who said i had a chem preg and today a/f has arrived! Hence why i was so late.

However, i was just wondering as i am over one week late, and usually on time and very regular whether i count this as CD1, so take it i will ov in two weeks? WIll my cycle just be adjusted for a week?

I dont do anything to see if i am ov as we are trying to take a 'relaxed approach' - tee hee! So i wont really be able to tell if i am.



  • Hi disneyprincess,
    I've just had a similar experience, chem preg / mc at 5+2. The loss was just like a normal period, if a little heavier with clots (tmi sorry). I counted the first day of bleeding as CD1 and I ov'd on CD17, 1 day late, i'm now 2po and in the 2ww. So if you are anything like me then you will have a normal cycle, just a week later than normal?? I also found my OV to be a little more painful this month than usual, not sure if this is related but perhaps something to look out for.
    Good luck ttc, hope you get your BFP soon xx
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