a little confused (tmi)

hi ladies i did one of these teasts on the computer to see when i was ovulating put all the right dates in that was asked for and it said i would be ovulating around wednesday but this is wear i get confused i thought you would get that egg white streachy mucas sorry tmi well i have not had any of this yet so do you think i did or did not ovulate or would you you not take any notice im on cd8 thanks.x


  • Hi pet,
    to be honest I would go with what your body is telling you rather than an automated online calculator. My OV day is never the same 2 months running, I tend to use charting and cheapie OPK's from Amazon to keep a check on my dates. To put your mind at rest you could try to BD every 2-3 days just to make sure plenty of his little swimmers are under starters orders when you do OV!
    Good luck pet! xx
  • hia think your right gonna carry on the bd way .x
  • i never really get great ewcm so im with the OPKs too, if you normally do get ewcm id just go with my body!!

    x x x
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