itchy boobs?!? S, S!

Hi ladies,

please will someone slap me if u think im being totally ridiculous and clutching at straws, i would rather honesty!

but i have very itchy boobs!!!!!! lol, i think im CD 19 and possibly 6dpo? i have no idea how long my cycles are and if i really did ov when i think i did, but apart from very strange cramps i have got incredibly itchy and uncomfy boobs??? could this be a symptom?



  • They are driving me mad now? Does anyone think this might be a symptom? X
  • Found this on the internet so suppose it is a possibility
    Your breasts may feel itchy as the skin stretches, and you may even develop stretch marks on them.
    Although it did also say you get symptoms like this afgter 8 weeks so dont want to get your hopes up but you never know
    Good luck xx
  • Its just so odd never had it before? Thanks for taking the time to reply thou hun x x x
  • hi, don't know about itchy but my nips have been tingling for days now along with the cramps that i'm still getting. fingers crossed it's a good sign!
  • Yes my nips feel very odd and itchy! I really hope it is a sign, I have been very tired, but have had a hard week so it could be that I think x
  • Hey Princess.

    Ive had a couple of faint lines on my pg tests and ive started to get itchy boobs. Mainly my left one, I have heard its a symptom, not sure if 6DPO is too early or not.
    Fingers crossed for you.

  • Thank-you! Mpp I'm not sure if I even ov'd when I think I did? As I have had loads of ewcm today now? Gosh its so so confusing!!
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