Confused! Please please advise! x

Hi all, i'm really confused with when i can take a pregnancy test. I came on here and asked yesterday and you guys advised me to wait.... Stupidly i took a test a min ago and there are two lines. The one for positive is very faint but its there. The thing is my last period came on 17th April and ended on 25th. I ovulated from 27th to 1st and now i take a test (because i'm far too impatient and there is a line. I'm sorry to bother you all - but could i be pregnant???



  • If you've got two lines then i would say so. Was the line there straight away because if it was after 5 mins then it could be evap line but if it came up straight away then i'll say congratulations.
  • The line was there probably within 5 mins, It was very very faint and then got stronger after the five mins. Don't know now. Should i test again in morning?? It seems way too early surely?? xx
  • I just re-read and do you mean you ov on1st May. If so then i guess it would be way to early at the mo, maybe a faulty test or could you have ov earlier? Sorry not much help.
  • Hi, Test again! Only way to be sure. Everyone's hormones are different. Get a CBD that says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' that way theres no doubt! Let us know! xx
  • I'll let you know and get a CBD. Thanks ladies. Maybe i did ov early xx
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