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Just a quickie about travel insurance really.

We are TTC at the moment (and are now on month 5). We have been invited to a wedding in Canada next April and I have been asked to be bridesmaid - which is obviously lovely, but I am worried about the travel insurance. We have decided that I am going to go without Hubby but with another friend who is single. This way, we can save the money for hopefully maternity leave and if I get my BFP this month, then there is the possibility of him staying at home with the baby.

There are a few possible scenarios -

a) I (hopefully) would have a 6 week old baby. What would you do here? Would you take a 6 week old on an 8 hour flight? Or would you leave him/her with hubby? Or would you not go?
b) I could be in labour and obviously not able to go
c) I could be heavily pregnant and not able to fly
d) I could be earlier pregnant and able to go
e) I (hopefully not!) could still be in this position question really is, is what would you do (bearing in mind, I would really love to go)? And also, does anyone recommend any travel insurance that would cover cancellation costs due to pregnancy/just given birth?

Many thanks



  • Hi Mrs Bammy
    Pregnancy is often covered in one of the cancellation clauses and tells you when you can cancel. I think as long as you book and you aren't pregnant, you should be covered if you are past 28wks.

  • I think flying that distance would be easier with a small baby than a large one. They sit you at front with a basinet to put them in and they should sleep most of the time.xx
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