Doctor update!!! Pain Ovarian Cysts?

He everyone been to doctors today, as Af late by 9 days, i have had all the pregnancy symptoms, sore (.)(.), sickness, dizzynees, pain on the left hand side above my bits, well been doing pregnancy test since last week and BFN, doctors says he thinks i have a Ovarian Cysts, which as happened when i relesed my egg and never come out? He as put me tables still i see them again. i have been reading up on symptoms and they are all i was having, and can be easy taken for being pregnant which i did image i am going for internal on Tuesday then Scan in June, just hope it is nothing bad and can be sorted quick, As anyone one had these and was you still trying, as i was not told to stop trying for a baby?

Thanks Lady for your support


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  • Hi,
    I had a HUGE one 2 yrs ago. It was the size of a melon and by the time I got took seriously there was another one attached to it the size of a orange. I wasn't put on medication even though I was in pain but once I'd had I'd had the 2nd scan for it I was rushed thru for surgery and days later I had the op to remove it. Nothing scary just keyhole.
    I don't know where you stand on ttc though - you really need to ask your doc. I wouldn't look up anymore on the Internet though as it's full of horror stories!
    Hope mine hasn't scared you - let me know how you get on xx
  • Funny enough I went to the GP today to see about this. I had a MC 12 weeks ago and have been having irregular bleeding ever since, total nightmare! For the past 5 days I have had pain in my right hand side, which today got worse, like a aching pain, constant all day, feels a bit like a muscle pain. I read up a bit and seems like I have all the symptoms of an ovarian cyst..... irregular bleeding and pain on one side.

    GP just fobbed me off saying that I had a 12 weeks scan and an internal scan after my D+C and both would have showed up a cyst so he said no, he just keeps telling me the problems are due to my hormones and it just takes time........ AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

    Sounds like you got a better service than me, hope everything goes ok and get everything sorted.
  • Hi hun sending you a big hug, hope everything gets sorted for you sooner rather than later

  • Pregnancy hormones can make a cyst appear but they often go away on their own and often un-noticed. The only way you'll know for sure is a scan so pls don't worry in the meantime. Xx
  • Thank you ladys i am just happy that the doctor is helping me this time, as last week she just said take pain killers, but the pain was worrying me, just wish the scan was closer as i have to wait till June, i am still trying to work out, if i will have a Af at all or will i ov from the other ovary at normal time then have one a month late, if not pregnant??? there is nothing to say i have to stop trying but it is not 100% what it is and she said it could go on its own if it is a Cysts.

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