CBFM question d23 15 highs so far no peak!

Hi guys, just a quick question, going spare over CBFM!

My second cycle of using it and went straight to peak last month with no highs.

This cycle got high on day 7 and now on day 23 and still high with no peak. Usually have 27/28 day cycles.

Does anyone know why this could be or if i could have already ovulated without it being detected by moniter? So expensive using sticks and feel clueless over something that it supposed to make this all easier! :\?


  • I'm sorry to hear that you are having a confusing time with CBFM! They do say it can take a month or two for it to get used to your cycles. I know it's expensive but I'd really recommend bearing with it, I swear I'd never have got my BFP without it.

    You certainly could've ov'd without getting your peak, the monitor may just have missed the surge although I wouldn't expect it to miss it again.

    Sorry I can't offer more advice but I wish you lots of luck xx
  • you may be having a slightly longer cycle? are they always 28 days? it could be delayed ov and you are yet to get your peak, (i got 16 highs before my peak) or its having a bit of a wobbler and you have already oved, i would carry on BDing and persever with it x
  • you may be having a slightly longer cycle? are they always 28 days?

    Generally yes apart from last month was 27 and month before was 42! Didnt O that month though, 1st time that I ever havnt but putting it down to stress! Still on high today but thing I can feel AF coming on :evil:
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