confused, any ideas???

hiya girls, little bit of help please, my periods were always as clockwork, 31 days but in may period came early on the 2nd (so was a 26 day cycle) then in june it came on 6th (35 day cycle) so im now on as far as i know CD12, yet on monday sunday and now today i have some strange blood in my cm, is in my knickers too, sorry TMI, is this normal, never had blood ever when not on my period, theres no way i could have OV'd is there, and my period this month was seriously heavy so couldn't b PG, does any one else get blood in there cm and knickers when af not there????


  • Have you been having lots of sex (rude question, sorry!)? Sometimes if I get a bit overenthusiastic too often with my OH, I can get a bit of bleeding.

    Could it be implantation bleeding? Is it worth testing just in case?
  • well yes i thought it might have been from the sex on sunday but no sex last night so dont know were its come from today LOL!!! dont think it could be implantation bleeding cos as i say there's not really any time to have OV'd yet???? xxxx

  • it could be ov honey if ur cycles have been all over the place, test on an opk if u can or just bd incase, some people ov early and it may mean u'll have a 26day cycle again this month.
  • I have heard that a very few people have ov bleed. If I was you I would just get bding as soon as possible. Like Lilac says, you could be on another shorter cycle this month!!

    Good luck!

  • yea i was gonna bd any way tonight, cos trying to bd every other night, just really weird since ttc my whole cycle has gone out the window!!!! have some ov sticks so will do one when i get home, thanks girls xxxx

  • hi just wanted to say that i ov about 6 days early this mth af aint due till 3rd july and i ov 11th june so it is possible (i almost missed mine as i werent due to use opk till about the 17th the but lucky i did)
  • oh really wow!!?? becky i'd b so pissed off if i missed the bloody thing, thats why i said to OH to BD every other day from CD10 cos then i should def catch it lol!!! xxx

  • thats the only thing i was still spotting up to the 5th so didnt get much bd in this mth as i would have hoped for plus i was only on cd9 when i had my pos opk aint got a clue whats going on with my body likes playing tricks on me i think lol
  • oh bloody hell CD9!!!??? how annoying, fingers crossed u did it hun x

  • im hoping we have or ill have to wait till aug to start again
  • y aug? yea i hope we do it this month as were on hols next month so would like it over and done with, good luck xxx

  • y aug? yea i hope we do it this month as were on hols next month so would like it over and done with, good luck xxx

  • oh as a daughter who wil be 4 in march so we want a bit of a gap between birthdays i hope you get ur bfp this mth so you can relax and not have to worry about ov and stuff
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