who is joining me in the 2WW??

so the awful 2WW begins.... who is with me????!!!!

****Babydust to All****


  • me!! i think i am on my 2 WW as i ov'd around Sat or Sun... grr. xx
  • when will u b testing??
  • Me!

    Im the same as MummyS2be, I ovulated on sat/sun just gone!
    Been getting minor cramping starting yesterday.

  • idk when i ov as very random cycles but i'm in the midst of ewcm atm, i'll be testing on april 2nd so i'm guessing that puts me in the 2ww too....i've had enough of all this second guessing, i think next month i shalll be investing in some ov sticks jsut to check we're bd'ing at the right time and i'm not completly missing ov. xx
  • I've started the 2WW! Expecting AF 31st March/1st April so plan to test 2nd April if no AF before then! xo
  • hi everyone - can i join?! i OV'd last night/yesterday - but not sure of our chances, as only BD twice yesterday and before that - not for about 5 days! eeek! hope we've done it, fingers crossed! testing 1st april too x
  • can i join too? Ov'd yesterday and testing around 1st. (but will be at In-laws with my parents too) Husband off to Afghan next week for 6 months so feel a bit down and would be such a good pick me up. xx
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