Best HPTs

What would you guys say are the best HPTs in terms or reliability and value for money? I want to get a few in that wont break the bank but not cheapo ones, some of them are too expensive to be buying in bulk!


  • Good question - sorry i can't answer it for you as i've not used many yet!!!! Also wondered if anyone knows of anywhere doing special offers on pg test, ov tests etc right now.
  • I found that I got a bfp on an Asda 2 for ??1 (think they're made by BabyStart) long before I got one on a Clear Blue digital and normal.
    The next best were the store own brand ones, but I have a sneaking suspicion that these are all made by the same company!
  • I saw a table on a website that had the sensitivities of different brands, i.e. how many mg of hormone were needed for a result, but they were american ones which are probs called different names here.
  • Hi all

    Not sure if this is any help, but found a website dg that has an offer on! I think they are the ones sold in supermarkets ?? image

    Personally have only used the cheapys off ebay, but they are supposed to be really sensitive, needing only 10 iU ( I think that's what it is :?) of HCG hormone.

    xx image
  • i use the ones of ebay, there so cheap i can use loads (i use tons every month dh said the people i buy them of must think i'm mad) but both times i've got a positive i've confirmed it with a cbd, i love the cbd but there to expensive to use all the time!!
  • I used some from ebay. I bought 8 one step preg test strip which you dip in your urine - i had my BFP from these then i bought a clearblue digital x

    The company on ebay is called Fertility Plan!!! You can choose how many you want and its very very cheap. They also supply the NHS!
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